Western Intrasigence Leading the World to the Brink......

When I am not thinking about tits, I am a foreign affairs buff.

Now, I have been following the Syrian crisis closely and I can say that the world has inexorably sleep-walked into one of the biggest crisis since the Cuban missile stand-off.

Today, Russian jets are helping prop Assad, while American/British/Jordanian/Saudi ones try to take him down. The chances of a miscalculation are high.

To increase the chances of retaliating immediately if any of their jets are shot down, the Russians have installed some of their best anti-aircraft missiles in Latakia. If an F-16 shoots down a Russian Sukhoi, the Russians have the capability to down all the American aircraft.

On the ground, Iranian Special Forces are moving in to reinforce Hezbollah and protect Assad. It is not unlikely that they will come into contact with American advisers on the other side.

Too many moving parts. Too many risks.


Also today a russian airstrike killed two recruits trained by the CIA in Syria

link please

Ngabu, its all over BBC/Al Jazeera/etc.

Boiyo nilikuwa nauliza huyo kijana ako hapo juu…

the balance of power is shifting in favor of Russia, Iran owes Syria(Assad’s father) a favor after support during the revolution

Iran is in too many theatres, Iraq, Yemen and now Syria, when the embargo gets lifted they will scale up

It’s so sad the way the USA has messed and continues messing in other Countries. Not to offer solutions but break them up just for the sake of it. The way a wild animal/leopard kills so many sheep with no intention of eating their flesh.
DRC, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Chad, Afghanistan, USSR etc.
They even tried fucking the economy of China the other day. But their days are numbered. Just like Britain whose influence waned.
It’s good that Russia is standing up against this bully in Syria coz if the USA is not slowed/stopped, it will never be satisfied. It will continue just like those Energizer batteries.

the pleasure is in satisfying the killing instinct…their soldiers have to be kept on edge through “live” war games otherwise they would grow fat or die of boredom…

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Hao waarabu can’t keep friends. Don’t be surprised of they turn against Russia. Remember Afghanistan anyone…

The US foreign policy is a mess and has made them incur losses both human and monetary. They are now forced to use weak strategies like airstrikes or supporting armophous unreliable groups like syrian rebels due to the political heat back home on commiting boots on the ground. Also, their confused policy in syria has seen them threaten Assad to finding themselves fighting on the same side with assad against ISIL.
Putin has noticed this gradual lack of confidence and weakness and is now asserting himself all over and the us can do shit about him. Europe is so desperate about the situation in Syria and its refugees that they welcome any different approach and so they silently pray that Russia succeeds. They know US strategies have failed miserably and they’ve suffered the consequencies. I think the world might isolate the mighty US more in the future as it is not offering reliable leadership in world affairs. People want peace and are increasingly intorelant of US support for an Israel that continues to frustrate peace efforts with palestinians. That is why UNGA overwhelmingly voted to raise palestines flag at the UN much to the chagrin of the US and Israel. Their role on Iran deal is however welcome. A republican presidency however will be detrimental to the world.

the whole war is a farce. only dumb american citizens think that they need a war in syria or any other place. but you can only have people tell you yes yes yes when they are in perpetual war and in fear of imaginary enemies.

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