Western countries propaganda

Heart broken,photo of 4 years child who is migrating from Syria to Jordan, the UNHCR team caught him when he was migrating alone in desert from Syria to Jordan.
the only thing he had in his shopper were the clothes of his mom and sister,who killed in Syria.

The real picture.

some images are sobering

Saw the picture circulating on fb … pure propaganda

Kumbe ni photoshop to fit narrative. Although it is still sad.

i wish regan was alive,he could have told these russians to stop this bs

You didn’t get the point Mwalimu. There’s a massive lie in there.

that’s exactly what i am talking about—the exposure will make those manipulated/conned to give their money to look at the whole issue again. but my phrasing was inadequate .

Perhaps the good teacher was also jolting the senses of the folks that fall for such make-believe narratives into a retrospective analysis

Reagan wouldn’t have done shit. He says stop, Putin tells him to eat pork, he arms rebels, Putin arms the Taliban. stalemate, everyone focuses on their own war.

Charities have perfected the game of misrepresentation to heighten sympathy.



Terrible, just terrible.

My heart doesn’t move when I see Arabs sufferation. These satanic creatures deserve no sympathies from black people because they don’t even consider black people to be human beings with rights and feelings.