Western conference NBA semi finals game 7

Denver Nuggets are playing at home with Timberwolves with both teams having a draw of 3-3 games…Denver lost their 1st 2 games at home but game out strong in game 3 and 4…come Monday night they will be looking to overcome the the home curse in this series…
Am routing for Denver but Anthony Edwards from Timberwolves was a beast in game 6 and stoping him with be a tall order.

Ati The Antman told guys in the locker room before game 6 that he’s ensuring they make it to game 7. And he did!

One of the three: Shai Gilgeous, The Joker or The Antman will lead their team to win the championship. Akina JT na JB, even with a Porzingis fresh from injury sidhani wanaweza chukua hii kitu this time.

Currently Denver are the only team that can stop the Timberwolves. if wolves clinch the west finals ata Celtics sioni kitu watafanya…

Celtics is not a match for any of those three; OKC, Denver or even Wolves. That’ll be an easy 4-1 if not a clean sweep against Celtics or any of them! Pale kwa Mavericks ndio maybe 4-3 inawezekana. Just Maybe!

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mko na mchezo Sana but Celtics will mop the floor against any team kwa finals. All the others teams ziko na one star play unlike Celtics where anyone can turn up in any game. Finals ni Celtics against New York Knicks

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So Denver vs Timberwolves who do think will win?

Timberwolves will win easy.

It is a difficult call, but I’d want the ant man in the finals. That’s my wish.

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It’s a tough call. if Jamal,joker,Aaron Gordon come alive in this game it won’t be easy. you sure did see what they did in game 3 and 4…In game 4 joker had 40pts 13ast and 0 turnovers

I’m proud of the ANTman as he’s really doing it for King James but he won’t survive it on Monday. Jokic is a monster when teammates cooperate. Jamal/CP wakiamuka hio game, Wolves are out.
On the other series, no team is stopping the Celtics from lifting the okombe. They have been trying to for the last three seasons, and now they got a clear view to snatch it.

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Shida ya Jamal ni one game 40 points, the other 6 points. Haez kuwa kama Jalen Robinson pale Knicks.

Everything looks easy until it’s not.

Nuggets will win, win again in the WCF and finally get to win the championship.


And timberwolves heads to the final. It’s crazy that Denver blew a 20 point lead…


Too crazy. KAT showed out ile mbaya. Acha Ant man aonje finals.

Do you watch basketball ama unaongea tu? Twolves are better than Celtics by far!

Knicks also got eliminated by the Pacers!

I have realized these series, sio kusema tu. All these teams available deserve the challenge and to be challenged. Don’t sleep on the Dallas or the Pacers rn. Everyone is eyeing for the first one, after more than 10 years. Hata finals ikienda pacers vs Dallas, bado ni capable of game 7.

My wish though, Celtics vs Dallas

vile Pacers walisumbua Lebron this season nlijua sio team ya mchezo. I think they went OT in two games

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Finals ni Timberwolves vs Pacers

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