I have come across a video on whatsapp of an alleged werewolf that was reportedly killed at Kakuma refugee camp.Does anyone have it or has anyone posted about the bizarre incident with an accompanying video?


Impossible. There hasn’t been a full moon for the past 11 months.

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Im going to need something stronger for this type of news,si juzi tu mlikua na msee amegeuzwa kuwa maembe:D:D:D

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Here it is. Is not be real.


same video in Nigeria


The SUDD is a mysterious place. Maybe a new species

shape shifting is cultural magic, is plausible if one does the correct ritual - been done in many cultures worldwide. dorobo of old could shapeshift, werehyenas most common. we afflicted pastoralist nilotic mongol hordes and the ocassional bantu till they got wiser and sent delegations to negotiate truce.

So are you saying that man can slip skin i.e I can take the form of a neighbour’s cat if I wanted to?

When the likes of @rexxsimba mate with hippos and other amphibians, such creatures are bound to happen

You Avatar describes you so well …
A real RETARD … :smiley: :smiley:


On a Serious note …
One of my ancestors came from a comunity that had a few special individuals who had some amazing capabilities …
But these qualities could only be unleashed when the general well being of the community was at stake …
EG: War with neighbouring hostile communities … :smiley: :smiley:

So are you saying that man can slip skin i.e I can take the form of a neighbour’s cat if I wanted to?

Okay, in the Kenyan version walikuwa wanaongea Kiswahili. @Freyja toa maoni :D:D

Very interesting thread

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Nigeria have the same case too:D:D[MEDIA=twitter]1406002576353644545[/MEDIA]
I think they are kassins

That "warewolf is the work of Joseph Rob Cobasky . Ya’ll can rest easy now.
“This is my work. An unknown person stole my video off my Instagram account and turned it into something that can scare people. I have nothing to do with the fake video going viral. I was simply posting my work which I did for a movie,” he was quoted as saying.

Bonobo hata ikosoma ipate PhD bado ni bonobo tu. Case in point from this comment.:rolleyes:

:rolleyes::rolleyes: na ati wewe ni daktari?

No wonder mnadanganywa na Raila, Obama na Biden so easily.

Pakistan too. But inakaa real but ghasseer itatokea and claim the fideo to be fake ati ni movie costume…and provide us with effidens…

Go back to my post,nimeiedit


@Tom Bayeye hebu cheki, inakaa real though na doubt bado

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