We're So Fυcked, Shiʈ Outta Luck

I fire up an incognito Chrome window - I’m hoping to watch some YouTube videos without having the mighty algorithm mess with my interests and feed. Of course, with the default locale being KE, YT populates the window with all sorts of nonsensical videos.

I decide to click on one, knowing pretty well it’ll end up sending me into a fit. I’m curious to see what commenters had to say about the video. In fact, I go straight to the comment sections as the video content is meant for bonobos and of little interest to me - all I’m eager to see is people ridicule, castigate, taunt, mock and reprimand the characters on there.

I’m shell-shocked to find jiggers, instead, mount praise and speak in awe of the characters in the video. I scroll furiously trying find the one comment calling out the retards in the video for their BS and shitfuckery. Alas! True to bonobos, I find NONE! All shitheads commenting could only lump praise on the main person in the video.

I fly into a fit, unleashing my inner chaos. I head-butt my 57-inch Odyssey Neo, knock over my desk, test the IP68 rating of my new Galaxy S23 by throwing it into the sink, tear the curtains from the windows, let out a deafening roar of anger, disillusionment, disappointment - betrayal.

We’re so fυcked, shit outta luck. We’re hardwired to self-destruct.

The SOB is on his knees!

Sema ulilia kwi kwo kwi

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Mijinga simpletons wa Nyamakima hizi maneno hamwezi elewa.

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The fact that you listen to Metallica and slipknot proves that you are demented, corrupted. Snap out of it


Ruto realized he was losing support of tugeges and he decided to pull the religion card

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Negro should have been colonized until the year 8759. 1963 was too early for independence.


Care to expound? Corrupted by whom? What would I rather listen to? I hope you’re not about to go on about some religion and spiritualism BS, jabroni. That you can keep to yourself.

I’ve gotta give it to him though for his Machiavellian manipulation, much as I hate his guts. That said, there’s nothing stately about him and his overtly religious family of bimbos.

kuenda… this is gospel… and makes more sense than all your preachers, and holymen combined

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Tell 'em man.

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Sijasema mskize gospel :smile:, Kuna music peaceful. Hii yenu ni wanaume wanapiga nduru wakigonga mabati. I can’t believe I used to listen to this shit when I was a kipii.

Jibu swali nimekuuliza wacha deflections za UKIHII, jabroni.