Were Africans Really The first People?

Where did this notion that Africans were the first humans come from? Then where did we go wrong? In the old days man was very close to nature/God/Aliens. Those were the days when elders talked with the aliens(gods) face to face.

Are we Africans the SUPER RACE? or is it just a myth?


It came from science

bonobos nikushika tu dede :D:D:D

Africans migrated into Africa. I will repeat this again, The white man reached Cape of good Hope before the Zulu.

Africans are the original inhabitants of planet earth along with bonobos and all other fauna. Omusungu are actually ancient alien astronauts that crash landed on earth about 10 to 5 thousand years ago and used their advanced intellect/technology to build civilisations.
Huwezi kataa kwamba a sub saharan african looks more similar to an ape than a white man. Harsh truths bana

soma kitabu inaitwa Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari na Guns, Germs & Steel by Jared Diamond this will answer alot of your questions while there you might as well throw in Outliers by Malcolm Gladwel

From this you will get to know Human origins, why some races are far ahead in terms of development etc

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