Wenye mko na watoto wasichana mna kibarua

parenting in this era si mchezo… Dame akifika 25 siku hiz bila abortion ama kua single mother ni mungu tu.

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True. I feel bad for all the girl dads out there. Must be very hard for them when their daughters are getting ploughed by play boys like myself.


Bado unakuja December summer bunny? Kuja nikushikie ka 20yr old

Lazima Bana Lakini Nakuja na this middle eastern chic who was interning at my team nikakule all December pale Lamu kwa balcony ya hotel. She’s been pushing me nimtembeze Africa sasa I’m putting my dick where her mouth is. Bwana asifiwe. I hate Arabs but I love their women.


And it’s unavoidable. For every family of 3kids chances are 2 are girls. Siring boys these days is a skill that needs learning.

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These days havig a gild chils is considered to be some type of curse

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It’s a long time since I came across a thread with such low IQ takes…Poor niggaz mentality… tafuteni pesa na mkuwe available dads mjue with children it’s always 50/50…speaking as a father of an only 13yr old gal


Unasahau the daughter will learn from other girls, alafu peer pressure. Mtoto akiwa kwa nyumba mpole saidi na mtiifu hata uwezi dhani anajua doggy style. Kulea mtoi Dem Sahi ni stressful.


We should also teach our young boys to be responsible.
You find a twenty one years old guy boasting «mimi nina vijana tano»
Kids that he never sees.
Our society is falling apart and we should not just blame the gals.

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Pia kulea maboys sio mchezo, Kuna ma drugs (mogoka, sigara na bangi) na hii group ya MGTOW. Hakuna gender iko safe…

have you ever heard of birth control in your lifetime ?

…have you ever heard about low uptake of contraceptives.

Pia kuna competition huwa among women/girls. Usha observe a group of girls, mmoja wao akishika ball pia hao wengine wana shika. Peer influence

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it’s an environmental issue, the more you pollute the environment, the less the number of boys are born, and the higher the number of transgenders in the society,

what we fail to understand is that, upto the last 100 yrs, universally , there is no society that let girl stay with their parents to the ages of late teens and above.
most societies married their girls off at the 1st citing if menstrual cycles, on average 13 to 15yrs.
no society was able to contain women, and no society took that risk, you fail to let her go, and you get prepared to unwanted pregnancies, with were viewed as a dishonor to the family.
times have changed thou, these girls at times are staying home till their late 20’s.
so, if you have a daughter, you have an option of introducing her to birth control , or wait her to bring you your grandchild or she procures an abortion.


Inaitwa baby fever

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Nina ma mboyz only… :grin:

Huwa inawa promote to single motherhood

And you think you are lucky? Bangi na kadhalika iko kwa nyumba yako. It’s just a matter of time

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Zi kama mimi sijaitumia hizo vitu sidhani watatumia

We ndio uko na low IQ, most of hao malaya za dating apps wako na both parents living together na still ratchet and selling pucy