Wendy Williams documentary

Was it the drugs, her abusive mother, the toxic husband who took all her money to marry a salon girl or just karma for making a living out of other people’s misery?

Remember we had this discussion.

Once her husband left her, she couldn’t function. Her empire collapsed. Why? Because he covered up for her. She was a drug user, alcohol too. He’s the one who kept the entertainment business running.


I hear he’s now broke. Not sure who was helping who here they’re both messed up

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The money was hers. But he was the manager. Every entertainer has a manager who takes 10-15-%. But there’s was a marriage too. However she lost her money too from more than $20m networth.

SMH. Blame everything else but her own choices. Women and accountability

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She drinks a lot for her age. Vodka.

What was Wendy Williams gender at birth ?

She does look like a tranny to be honest

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