We'll test 10,000 per day, donge!


It has turned out to be The Theater of the Absurd. Even if that money was available, where will the supplies come from ?

But where has countries like Ghana managed to get them?
They’ve tested over 5 times more than us!

They have given the test kits to the private hospitals, so that they can charge 10k a test.

Maybe they were well stocked before the pandemic hit

Why haven’t we even used up the 20k kits that were “donated” by Jack Ma?
Huku Kenya lazima tenderprenuers watafutiwe mwanya so now am sure zitaletwa kwa bei ya juu so that wakubwa wapate yao pia!

You nailed it, i guess that’s why one of the prerequisites of going back to work , for those in the service industry is to get tested and have a certificate showing you are -ve.

@oboho amemaliza hii story.

Jack ma donation Isha fika private hospitals

Konyagi is only good kwa pr