Well before there was Lil Nas X there was....

Boy George. The first time people saw him on the new station called MTV, they got very confused because he looked like a pretty English girl dressed like a small boy… but with a man’s singing voice.

But Boy George was classy ga.y and not like some of these young homosexual njaruos e.g lil nas x, otieno gargantuan or Chuck Norris Omondi Stallone AKA @slevyn who are so flamboyant with their ga.y lifestyles.

And unlike Lil Nas X who relies on expensive flashy videos and shocking antics to sell his zero talent, Boy George could actually sing.

To get an idea of how big this British chap was, the first song below was number 2 on the U.S billboard chart of 1983 right behind Michael Jackson’s mega hit Billie Jean for 2 whole months :






Matusi ikuje basi.

Bro you’re so obsessed with Lil Nax. I swear you have the highest number of entries pertaining to Lil Nas X.

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I loved that karma chameleon song as a child. He was talented.

So far plus me we are 3 guys who have an idea who boy george is bila googling…wacha tuone fossils ziko ngapi kwa hi jiji…saw him on the red carpet i think that year before covid…sijui he was getting some recognition…very talented indeed captain obvious…real hippy song that…i remember ilikuwa kwa narcos sahile bro wa miguel angel alikuwa ame enda exile after ku kidnap daughter wa minister…it doesnt skip it doesnt skip.
Enyewe hii jiji ni ya ma dyansty…:D:D:D I get what hio 9k salo ina stand for…9 figure salary…is it per annum bi-annualy or quarterly?!..hidden in plain sight.
Nilijua lil nas x tu last week…the screen grab just put me off…wacha nichangeh hinya nione kama naweza watch sijui montero…but that guy is pretty fucked up…au sio my fellow dynasties?

Sam Smith ali copy paste kila kitu from Boy George. It is an easy route to success in English music stables. He even bought a house next to Boy George’s residence. But he is a great vocalist in his own right. England has produced some of the greatest vocalists ever and majority of them are often ga.y or claim to be ga.y.

Greatest rockstar in history was a mhindi born and raised in a poor town in Zanzibar. On moving to Engand he conquered the world. He was also super ga.y and unfortanately died at a young age from HIV complications. All in all he put Zanzibar on the world map.

You also have Elton John’s entire discography



Msee Petco anajua everything about gay musicians.

Saa tufanye nini na music industry ni yao? They are often the best musicians, vocalists etc. Hata MJ probably he was ga.y.

Makeup department, back up dancers, vocals, vocal coaches, hair stylists…

Ga.y people are highly artistic. Since time immemorial in the medieval mzungu king’s palaces they were known as minstrels. Performing music ,art, plays. I believe it was the same in the Arab world.

When you talk of theatre it is the same story. When you talk of Hollywood… comic books. You are a fan of Marvel comic book films, kwani haven’t you ever bothered to find out who draws those comics, directs or writes those screenplays?

Who seats down to draw a guy with bulging muscles and in tight pants? Ama huelewi that the whole concept of batman is 100% gay. His butler, his boy toy Robin.

Are you gay?

Are you Old Monk ?

Are you gey?

Are you old monk?

Arw you gei?

You listen to Adele who sings very ga.y lyrics. Are you ga.y?

Were you listening to rolling in the deep while rolling deep inside a njaruo’s anus?

Just yesterday. You listen to feminine and very ga.y lyrics. Are you gay???


Patco you associate every single thing with gayism. Just get out of the closet already.

I’m ga.y because I like Boy George music?

Just Yesterday you were being called ga.y because you love Adele a gay icon. Her latest song the one you were talking about there has become a ga.y anthem. Wewe old monk kwanza ni shoga and I will prove this very soon. :smiley: