Welcome to Wakanda or is it Turkana county?

Interest has also grown in the setting of the film – the African nation Wakanda. To answer the obvious question, no, Wakanda is not a real place, but it does have a specific location at which it exists in the movie.

There has been some debate over the location of Wakanda, but we do know that it is in East Africa. Some of the comics varied in its exact position, but the general consensus is that it is on or very close to Lake Turkana, which is in northern Kenya.

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Utakufa bure.

Hapo anatwambia ni wakanda ni karibu na Ileret, Kenya.

Enyewe waafrika tunachezwa sana. First…no african except lupita (debatable) acted in that movie…ie a big role. Alafu how come, with all that technology, they were not chosen to hide one of those infinity stones,??? Common they should have known they existed…alafu they painted africans as cowards, ati while the world was going to shit and all walikuwa tu wamejificha wakiangalia tu noma ikitokea…their job is sneaking in and out of places like they could never take on the world.

This is just a crappy movie that still shows africans living in the wild and not enjoying the benefits from that apparently developed country! So please stop trying to praise that movie that has stupid poverty undertones.

Africans are generally lazy and cowards


Talk for yourself boss.ati ‘generally’.hogwash.

Well, if you are the ‘homeguard’ type, I am the ‘maumau’ species.
Ngaati ino


Wakanda Girls pale Kasigau


This Wakanda shit is getting annoying.
Ati Pogba and Lingard celebrated with their arms crossed in recognition of the Wakanda salute, boolshiet!

That 800/= I paid in the weekend and for the family… Not worth the hype around this movie… I was expecting Coming out of the cinema hall thinking am Shaka Zulu or something.

ujinga gani inafanyika hapa ? hio blackpanther sijawatch ( clear copy imetoka ?) but nilijua ni ujinga tuuu from the the trailer ni kama ile series ya ujinga ya mwafrika sijui nini CAGE nilitoa review mpaka iko NY TIMES , ujinga piu . watutolee super heroes wa maana tunatambua kina Wolverine and co si kuforce super hero mwafrika

wangekuja watafute ile comic ya AKOKHAN watoe hio movie tukubali

Overrated meffi, wakanda fever/virus

Grown men intensely arguing about the local of a fictious kingdom. I have seen it all.

Ktalkers to give a review worth a dime
This the same people who praise designated survivor. … I suspect low i.q people itt moja tayari anoengea juu ya lupita yet there is even hadi ugandan and nigerian actors… Lemme just walk away from this stupid thread…and btw mulisema thor ni noma… .I guess slow mo shits and comedy makes a great movie these days

The movie is not overated, its actually a good marvel movie. I think people are just super excited about a primarily all black cast in a big budget movie.
Why guys have gone deep into analysing what it means for black culture etc is beyond me. Just watch it like you are watching any superhero movie and you’ll be satisfied.

@The.Black.Templar Wakanda isnt shown as cowards. They are guys who just didnt interefere with anyone else, they just mind their own business.

I will reply when I watch the movie in Dec. For now, wacha niseme tu I support.

Movie zote za meffii marvels is dog piss to my eyes siwezi watch creativity kama ya watoto wadogo

Are you by any chance a CFC fan!