Welcome to the city.

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zi zidi

Weka link we download the whole stuff…

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i was counting on your comment to give me a preview whether to read the stuff…:)…i don’t know what your brief comment meanso_Oo_Oo_O


Brilliant stuff, there is hope in this village after all.

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zidi in my understanding of kiswahili means something like more/continue.
Zi zidi therefore would mean the O.P should give us more of those comics

waswahili wakuje slowly, my kiswahili has never been good.

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he he…i finally understood on reading the third time…zizidi should’ve been one word; was reading zi as zii - hapana zidi…:D:D:D

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hehehehe, kiswahili nilisomea kwa dirisha


he he…at least hukusema ilikuja na reli ikawaangushia kidogo warubaga…

Big fan of the artwork. I hope to see a Kenyan adult animation series like this one on tv in my lifetime.

Nice one.

Awesome! the mau mau era has lots of creative fodder for our screens

Good stuff!!

Very good story and illustration.

On point