Welcome to ktalk

Guys just joined here now… Any ladies here

Hizi maswali ni za high school ama ni za wapi??

You didn’t read the rules? I’ll help you out bro but usizoee…each time you click on an Advert your profile is visible to a lady.but you have to view adverts 17times to qualify for this. When you hit 150 then you qualify to get their numbers.

Karibu ktalk. :slight_smile:

hiyo ni ile ngombe @Shiroe

Also remember dont hit reply to Villager Elders until you become one.

@teamtalk bienvenue au kenyatalk cette un bien place. Faites comme chez vous.


Nyinyi hulala saa ngapi?

hao ni wezi, malaya na watchmen


Grave yard shifts na wengine ni wangoja kifo.

Ukiishi kwa plot since mchana kila mtu anaweka test drive ya sub woofer yake, I work and read better at night.
Shida ni the random muffled moaning mara kwa mara :smiley:

na cus

na customer wa malware umewacha wapi au malware huwa nje kuhesabu stars?

Sijui kwa nini mumesahau wachawi…

Kuna watu wa diaspora pia akina @Purple wakiosha octogenarians

Complete her job description. Kuosha matako ya tushosh.:smiley:

Enyewe pesa hutoka mbali. WaKenya wa Gulf countries are doing the same jobs lakini Arabs na ushetani zao work these women from 4 am to midnight. And because Arabs don’t believe in human rights, domestic workers eat scraps they leave in their plates. Partially eaten chicken wing, half eaten banana that the baby didn’t want, some uneaten rice at the corner of the plate.
The never tell Kenyans these things but that is what they eat.

They are also abused sexually by the man of the house and also the memsahibs slap them for the tiniest mistake. But let me repeat not all go through this shenanigans. I know Kenyans huko holding down high flying posts too.

I was being sarcarstic to KT ;)because everyone thinks all diasporians work in care homes (if you can do it do it). There are guys working in all spheres of life.