Welcome to California; richest state


Niggers be thinking about ksh.250 ya Unga na wee unawaletea mambo ya Cali.

Taxes, prices of goods and cost of living would also rise to correspond with the “free money” being dished out. California is also the worst place to live if you aren’t rich. A basic 1br goes from 2500. With that 2500, you can get a 3br with a lawn and patio in Texas. You are still meffi in my eyes tho :smiley:

People are moving to Texas, it’s the next big state.

io surplus ya $97b ni 10 trillion ya kenya, ipewe gatheca alipe deni ya china alafu tumnyonge.

wewe na gatheca ni meffi iliyo oza ya doggie

But it’s understandable. California has a GDP of $3tr and growing and also it has several tech companies which generate trillions tu. So naturally, lazima surplus ibaki.

huko si utanyongwa na KKK kama ile jaluo mwenzako ya #plebs @luoamerican


huko surplus ya budget per year ni 10 trillion kes na huku gatheca ako na loan ya 9trillion na ameuza ports zote buana

Stick to vladyvostok news.


mshienzz ata wewe stick to ukraine is winning fake nyews

They are trying to normalise the ’ universal basic income agenda ', very dangerous agenda it is, nothing in this world is for free

si babuon atapeana 6k per month:D wewe rauka 8th u~votie pesa mfukoni:D

Meanwhile California is facing the biggest poverty and homelessness crisis ever.






Peasants wa huko will use that $1000 to buy crap on Amazon and make Bezos his next billion. Kupatia maskini pesa bila kuchange akili is only a temporary solution.

Wewe shugulika na zile katataka zako,niaje mzeiya?

liwe liwalo

unafikiri kila talker ako fumbistan

Ndo nasema … we care less bout bidenstan

California is a sh!thole state.

once a thriving red state, then democrats moved in from up north and turn it to a blue state, now these guys are moving to Texas and Florida, but won’t drop their voting habits. i won’t be surprised , if Texas turns Blue in a decade or so.