It’s official Welcome CECH!! Vidal is next mtatii next season MANGITEE!!

hapo sawa. COYG

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Kabisa mzee wenger

Hata mkiwa na Peter…Wenger hananga clue…

Maze gooners u,ve now got a keeper after like 10+years nw woodward anafanya nini saa huu only one signing and pre season is near !’

by the way i thought Ospinach was good

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nice addition to the team

Kuja pole pole daddy Vidal is coming to the Emirates

Kwani amesahau kofia yake Chelsea

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Hapo wenger haja poteza pesa, that’s a good signing

His first competitive game will be against … Chelsea

Vidal anaongeza nini kwa arsenal.? i thought u had coquelin

Arsenal needs another 'aggressive midfielder who’s good in tackling. That cost us several games esp. against Southampton, Spurs and even Swansea because these teams did not allow Arsenal’s creative midfielders a lot of ball possession.

sasawa nw i hate to admit it but with the signing of vidal & a striker u will challenge for the epl

Correction it’s WIN the EPL mtu wa Man U

Relax bado mko far from winning it (2yrs) or so & other top teams will improve pia…

Aaaih Arsenal bana ati F.A? chukueni premier league ndio tuta tii

Unafry nywele kama Maina Kagay?