Welcome Mcdonald Mariga into politics


in kenya football haina career progression mzuri…either ukuwe sports journalist,small time coach au politics

Wah that’s a major leap from football to politics. I wish him well

He would have asked for a soft landing on a football related job kama FKL/KFF. Having played here and abroad his expertise would be very welcome in what he already knows i.e bring kenyan football to international standards. Sasa siasa surely? Anyway even Sol Campbell ( former arsenal player)tried being an MCA kwa akina mrs shosho and failed.

see his ID no. Everything in Kenya can be faked kumbe. if u know, u know.

Am sure that Doreen aspirant is younger than him but compare the ID nos.

Hio ID Num ni ya msee amezaliwa 1988-1989… Na vile mariga ni chuma ya reli.

First thing I noticed. I am slightly younger thab the guy and my ID starts with 26…

Parliament will be the biggest joke ever. Jaguar is a law maker in kenya. Ata naona Ng’ang’a atakuja kuwa senator ii nairobi, and he has the numbers

With the millions he was being paid at inter Milan it will look like peasant getting an mps salo

this is a joke! the campaign lie is that he will set up vitu za sports bla bla youth yada yada na kadhalika. hapa ni vote sabini na saba atapata.

So angekuja senator pale Busia tunge patia yeye na vile Wanyama senior amekua coach WA vijana wengi kwa ile team yetu ya Dragons na Manchester Busia united

Busia you have a ready made senator in Okiya omtata…dude is tailor made for oversight and lawmaking.

FKF hakuna cha bure…ask the likes of bonface ambani…hapo you have to fight it out with battle hardened veterans…and it’s usually a delegates system so you can imagine how difficult it would be for an outsider like him…remember Sam nyamweya? Nicholas musonye? yaani in football ukishaweka roots vizuri kutoka no shida cos you literally own the delegates…

But he can start by running for any office at AFC leopards ndio apande polepole

Busia Olympic FC used to poach and pay me kikando nawachezea zile tournament za December holidays pale kiwanja ya polytechnic. I wonder if foota is stiil as competitive in our dying cownty, Ojamong is a fucked up CUNT…

Kenya everybody wants to be a politician sio Akothee, sio Chris Darling, wacha watupe pesa.

:D:D:DWacha FKF, the truth is Kenya mzima hakuna cha bure.

Karibu ang’olewe meno

I still wonder how Nick won againist Nyamwea

Kenyan has so many political science grads but ubaya ya wakenya u elect pple kwasababu ya fame or ucartoon.

I saw an idiot say that Pokot Governor famous for kijana fupi round should be president coz he is funny.

Ukitaka kujua ujinga ya wakenya then wait for that mafirifiri MCA akisemama MP in 2022 and her slogan will be mafirifiri. Welcome to Kenya.

As usual this @digi rushes to post threads bila kufanya uchunguzi. This story is FAKE