Weirdest thing you've ever done to your boss

Some few years ago I had a beef with my Boss which was to lead to my dismissal and there was nothing I COULD do about, so siku moja nikajipata peke yangu kwa ofisi yake and I saw his favorite tie and started wondering ama nijinyonge nayo. nikaona hapana but nawesa nikajipangusa nayo matak* hapo hapo na nimuwekee pale pale knowing ako na Board meeting at 2pm. Wadau nilifanya hivo and upto now sijawahi pata regrets and I did not lose my job…kama wewe ni boss mahali na ulisikia tie inanuka meffi, am sorry lakini elewa tu.

Dakota mzima!

Kulenga simu.

My first boss was a dirty minded muindi… so one day he was watching porn na hajui I had the software to monitor all screens installed.
I shared his screen to all users and quit…[SIZE=3]because I had got another job[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]My previous boss was another stupid muindi. I collapsed his company after akatalie documents na pay yangu. hadi wa leo haijawai amka and he had to sell his car na bike to cover some costs incurred. spendi ujinga mimi.
The other muindi boss had me teach his old mom n dad how to use ipads…ndio zilikuwa zimetoklezea…I banged his cuz(regretfully…[/SIZE][SIZE=3]I still shake with fear whenever I get the flashbacks[/SIZE][SIZE=4])[/SIZE]

Why do you regret banging his cousin? Ama it was a “he”?? What caused the trauma? Something doesn’t add up. Pole

Indian bitches are HAIRY AF! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! brrrrrr

What I did to my boss can send me to jail right away, I’ll take it to the grave, it was savage!!

I’ve done this a lot. Also hanging up kama anaongea

You killed him?

:D:D:Dutajitetea pande gani?

Nooo but I left a permanent mark after a few months in the hospital bed. He deserved it anyway

How did you collaps his company?

Mbona ume delete comment yako vile ulinyambia food ya boss ?

Juu ni ukweli

:D:D:D Hiyo ya kuhang up Siwezi, he appraises my performance, I fake bad network by moving the phone away from my face and shouting 'Hallo!!! Several times before disconnecting.

Long time ago…One Hot Friday Afternoon my immediate boss sent me to buy 2 Jack Daniels with the company car in town(He was already tipsy).

Gave me Kes 4k, kufika town nikapata ni Kes 4,200. instead ya kutop up Kes200 nikaambia company driver lets go back 15km and request for the extra…

Story for another day :slight_smile:

Apart from kushutia lunch yake, does banging a boss’ wife count?


I do it on purpose especially akiwa in the misddle of the sentence. Then akipiga tena nachukua. If still sounding rude or shouting nakata tena

I knew its operations in out…knew its weakneses and exploited them na nikaenda na the biggest clients…
Took his product…some app, heavily modified and improved and offered it at lesser price na the client backups that were on his cloud servers…erased and rerouted all traffic… yaani I fucked his business kapsaaaaaa