Weirdest reason you broke up with someone?

:D:D:D:Dcould be either. But we agreed on everything else and all our friends thought we were a match made in heaven…he just did not know how to lure me to the lion’s den. He has had 2 other ngeos after me na wote walihepa…hiyo kyuk is a turn off.

Hahaha clearly bado kuna chemistry… peleka itandikwe… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

You would be surprised he would have turned out into a hopeless romantic for you… given the chemistry…

Apana:D:D:D I am taken now. I am his agony aunt. He calls me to pour his woes…yes he is old school and a selfless giver to boot.

What is otherwise known here as a white knight. Beta male chieth… no wonder uliruka basi… :smiley: :D:D:D:D wakanda nanzenz isthat eti agony aunt and pouring his heart… ni mahindi unarushiwa uingie box… :D:D:D:D:D soon enough he will be pouring other stuff…

Nope that ain’t gonna happen. I am happy and settled kwenye niko. And he knows I am quite steely. I am either in or out.

She took the relationship to higher levels too fast and I wasn’t ready for marriage.
A Sunday afternoon romp turned into a weeks long stay.
She was half Masaai though striking in beauty.
One Monday morning I told her to pack her stuff and leave, my cucu had warned me about marrying a cut girl.
It was the only excuse I could think of at the time.

But compared to ile food unakulaga boss,sijui kwanini ulitupa kunguru:D:D:D

Kumbe ulijuana na @Fiudmacho kitambo. And by the way hajaacha hio tabia…

Ahsante sana for this additional line!
Everything else you have said about it is all me. Only that we never had drinking outings. But just to be sure, did the man buy you size 24 Aucma TV ya kuonyesha watu wa chama ili upewe loan? Because if he did, then here I am, DEAD!

It couldnt be you,ju Acucma flat Tefee niya juzi. remember @Mrs Shosho ni wa early 80s

Who again? please don’t goad me into saying something really horrible on a day that my heart is full of joy regarding BoJo:D:D:D. You know the fact that I do not always respond to people who pick on my handle like he did at the slightest opportunity…should not mean that I cannot fight back na matusi ngunia mzima. I can, I just choose not to. He borrowed ukahe rii from my hekayas about that man.

:D:D:D:D No no no nimecheka sana. No one has ever bought me any electronics. Also, the man is based here not 001…kwa hivyo mko wengi…:D???

Shifo I seeeeee:D I talk and reveal too much mpaka umecome v close to nailing my age…

There was one alikuwa anasquirt less than 2 mins halafu all over sudden cant take dickk anymore…got tired by her after sex BJ nikamtpa nje

Bitch snored like harddd!!! ,She had to go .

Hii upuss ya we remain friends hutoka wapi? That’s some beta shit syndrome

He indo kahiki gaka mahni…guthukite makiria

You judged him prematurely

I sometimes suspect this handle and Wanaruona are owned by a KT talk man I detest with all my heart and soul. A mad man I blocked eons ago…and I know my hunch is not too far off…

Alianza kupenda soap operas kila saa. Ikabidi aende yaani kila saa anafikiria these movies are real world.