Weirdest reason you broke up with someone?

Used to be with this girl who was a straight 7 maybe 8 on a good day, then like a couple weeks later she started losing her eyebrows, sijui kaa amepata cancer but she told me she liked it that way, which was a complete turn off for me as I could only think of Gollum from lord of the rings while in bed. Her being lightskin also helped in forming that morbid vision

Anyway we broke things off mara THAT THAT by simply telling her nimesota

I arrived in the house one day and found her eating the githeri I had hidden under the bed. I told her to pack and leave.

nilipatana na yeye katika safari zangu,tukapanga tupatane nikirudi vumbistan,night ya first kumeet ,pekejeng’,one problem,alikua na mattercore ndogo ka ile ball ya watoto, sijaiona,sikulala hio siku nikipanga vile nitamtema,morning nilimshow nimeshau special visa yangu ya hio place nilikua so nahave kuirudia ama sitaweza ingia huko tena.nilimwhatsapp nikamshow nimeget kibarua huko alafu block

She said we need to talk…that we should break the relationship but we remain friends just to taste how much I care.
Told her to forget about me and delete my number.
Deleted hers too.

ulikuwa unataka ashinde njaa? na unaficha githeri chini ya kitanda kwa nini?

Kwani ulikuwa mchoyo aje, ama ilikuwa last supper yako? She must have felt silly. Hehe.

ok wewe ulidumpiwa si ati ulimdump

Once told a girl we are done out of nowhere niliamka asubuhi nikafeel nimeboeka na yeye then block

Back in the days when FB was the real thing… Nilikuwa fisi sana huko so this girl akapost pic yake kwa timeline yangu(aliharibu several lays) shit hivio ndio alipata block kila mahali na text ya just forget me.

She used to call me daddy gaki and uncle gaki while I was balls deep in her, dropped her like a hot potato.

Her fagina smelt like sewage I literally had to spray glade in the bedroom she came over.

Sijui why some ladies think mjulus ni kama mwiko and it needs rough handling na mikono zao rough. I had to permanently avoid some lady for that.

Feet. I didn’t like them.

Broken English. Anang’oa mpaka kwa text. How can you confuse fresh with flesh?

Another time I texted this woman and told her ‘I just want to holla’. Mshamba alidhani nasema ati nataka kuhara kwa choo.

Asking me ukahe rii each time we met up. Total turn off. Disgusting.

for the sake of the kalenjins in this forum, saidia translation.

When will you ‘give me’ kikikiki. I left it in Kyuk as it so gross that way. Kyuk is one of the most unromantic linguas we have around.

Hahaha… :D:D matter of fact its all african languages… too expressive… literally leave nothing, graphically, to the imaginations…

Alitoka n’gooooo because of just that kuomba omba ovyo ovyo else I loved everything about him. We are still good friends and now he asks ‘wandegire niki?’ meaning why did you ‘refuse’ me…each time he ombad while out for drinks I would get these flash images in my head of no foreplay…just missionary position and then roll over…:smiley:
He does not know why I dumped him:D

Hahaha, not to deflate you… but sometimes men do that to women they feel are not at their level… either ulikuwa chini ama juu… could be either… and wasnt willing to invest further emotionally kabla ajue kama utareject yeye…

Like Krayzie Bone “…I been in and out of relationships I’m startin’ to see that it’s me where the complications at…”