Weird penthouse

Rich people have got some crazy ideas, crazy beyond imagination.

I saw this on architecture shaming group… its owned by a billionaire criminal mind panjeet biz man in india.

:D:D:D akuje ruai ni muuzie ka buroti maguta maguta. Hapa alitupa…

he probably owns the entire building. but al never understand why someone would want to live in a concrete jungle when they are rich enough tolive anywhere they want. i took the biggest financial risk of my life just so I could live in nature.

Now on the run because of stealing

Karen ama wapi kaka…

ukambani bana

I like people who think outside the box like that. People who pursue their ideas to completion even if they seem crazy to everyone else.

Siwezimind kuingia pipi ya shah mkia hapo Kwa helipad bila lube

Hapa ni place ya kutoa shot, he probably has other areas he calls home

How safe is that? @Randy alikufa?

Honestly, it really looks cool.

Nigeria, finest.

Indians love living like that…look at the house of Asia’s richest man Ambani. Hapa parklands millionaires wote wako kwa apartments…wakijaribu sana wanaenda kyuna.

haya uko ruai. nikiwa nai most times niko very near ruai. my ex bitch bought a house sijui kunaitwa power station ama nini.
I love karen juu huko ndio niligrow, but no way am spending stupid money tolive on half an acre. Not that I can afford it anyway. I’m still surviving on debt.

This is my dream bwana… To own a penthouse pale ToP ya Kempinski kama Kirubi

Really? Hutaki trees and animals and your own food?

Ni yule msee ako na one of the world’s most expensive houses? A skyscraper in the middle of a slum. Walisema ayi the house employs 600 people.

Panjeets zinapenda pent house