Weird India

they left retail for Africans and went to manufacturing. Think again about who is losing here


You shouldn’t have…you can even imagine the stench coming through your screen.:D:D


is called growing in the value chain. today’s retailers will, hopefully, be tomorrow’s manufacturers…

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I Googled westpoint and it took me to the US army academy. Nice green lawn with beautiful grass and warm sunshine.

I added Liberia after… I’m still wiping my screen:D


And we are slowly getting into manufacturing. Watch this space.


This is perfectly what I have been observing with interest.Good to know that we are slowly edging them out kibiashara.Sasa supermarkets we are taking over.Banking those tu Bank of Baroda…sijui gani ziliachiwa their core customers tu.Next, the big shots should stop focusing on buying/grabbing land and developing too much real estate and shift their attention to industry/manufacturing kama Kirubi na Tabitha.

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Were they mostly men or women?

As I said in a previous thread, the deadly mistake the business Indians of the 60s, 70s and 80s are doing is to bring their spoilt brats into the core management of their businesses. These buggers come with a sense of entitlement and edge out the loyal and skilled employees.
The skilled Africans are slowly resigning and starting their small businesses in the same line and kidogo kidogo they acquire the customers one by one.
Since their overheads are lower, the African easily edges out the Asian by offering a better price for the same good or service.
In the next 10 years you will see a surge in multimillion dollar corporate businesses wholly owned by Africans.
The spoilt Asian brats’ offsprings will have NO choice but to come begging for employment from these businesses.

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It seems you have good info on the subject. What about those heavy engineering firms za kalasinga?

India hata kufanya riot za IEBC au kucheza na feya ni ngori.
Hujui kama unaokota mawe ama rock turd.

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Hizi ndizo zilichukuliwa kitambo. How many fabrication garages do you see nowadays? Even guys are fabricating fuel storage tanks.
Truth be told. The Asian influence in business is waning fast. The first blow was the arrival of cheap internet after the cables landed. Local Guys could easily source for machineries, good and services from over seas.
The second and final blow was, of course CHINA.


On shit? Let me not go into filthy details.

walijenga malls wakatuwachia river road.

Let’s hopes Africans can manufacture things. What I know is business minded economy in Kenya is dominated by traders and middle men

foreigners. Foreign money and skill and maybe establishment’s money.
So far no sign of Kenya getting into manufacturing. You can’t manufacture if you don’t have strong food processing industry. That’s where to start but we do manufacture FMCG, though raw material/components are imported.
Bado tuko mbali

Guess the govt is working to fix the infrastructure for competitive manufacturing…energy, roads, railway…

this is what we get wrong.
It’s like how we have dustbins but litter all over the CBD.
Manufacturing is not buildings.
Development is a cultural thing. Ebu start a thread asking for investment ideas, most of what you’ll be told is real estate speculation, low margin trading and basic agriculture.
So the best roads are not enough. People need to start doing technical courses, education needs to change to celebrate creativity, diversity in interests and analytical thinking. Education, the tool that changes culture.
Look at what it did for women. Mpaka hatupumui ati boy child nyef nyef.
Otherwise it is the Indians and Whites in this country plus foreigners who will enjoy the infrastructure we paying for.

still waiting for you to post all the threads you need to post so you can get over how much you hate women, finally divorce your wife and then get a boyfriend

Hebu achana na mimi. Usiniambukize ujinga.

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what’ll you do about it pragmatist?