Weird experiences

Haha So a few months ago, I used to stay on the upper/top floor of the flat. We were three of us on the fourth floor; a gent and a lady. Both unmarried. Sasa on this particular day the lady knocked on my door and told me she was leaving for her sister’s place for the weekend, it was on Friday. I had also met the guy at the gate leaving for I think Naivasha. So I was alone on our floor that night.

Sasa it’s 12 midnight and I’m working on some assignment on my laptop sipping some wine. My TV is tuned in but sauti kidogo tu, it’s deep in the night. Unexpectedly, the lights go off and I’m in the dark. Well, it was actually tokens zilikuwa zimeisha but didn’t know. Ghafla bin vuu naskia someone running on the rooftop. Not one even. Ushaiskia vile watoto ukimbia kwa balcony, vile hizo steps usound. The runnings were from one end to the other and back then repeatedly.

Ah! Kidogo nikaangalia kwa balcony ya nyuma naona kuna stima so nikalipa tokens. Lights on. Now naskia masauti watu, like kids tho, wanagonga tanks kwa roof top bado. Like the kids run from back to back then wanamalizia na kukick tanks. Mimi sijawai shtuka hivo hii Nairobi banae. Hio place sikuwa nishai ona mtoto except a very small toddler but here I am hearing kids playing at 1AM on the rooftop. Then unaskia kipaka kimelia ng’ee, ng’ee kama katoto. I actually have a phobia for cats. I dislike those things especially the black ones. There is a time in the upcountry tuliua moja ilikuwa inakula mayai na tukaitupa kwa kishimo. After three days the thing was wailing inside the pit. Hakikuwa hata kimekufa. I hear they have nine lives.

Well, I opened another bottle and continued sipping my drink but very cautiously. Nilikuwa natip toe kwa keja nisiskike. After sometime the sounds disappeared. Lakini nilikuwa nimetii. Nashindwa ni mwizi, ni mashetani, ni night runners! Lakini sasa night runners wanatoka wapi hapo! Na wakikam nikiwa solo kwa floor yetu nitafanyaje? Will my neighbors on the lower floors hear my cry if I shout incase wakuje? I didn’t even know any of them except this one woman I was pounding once in a while. “I am single and satisfied, men are dogs”, she would lament. Kumbe she was set to be married in two months time, via a church wedding. I woke up one day to see wedding pictures on her WhatsApp status. I didn’t know about the wedding yet I had hit it in the last three weeks or so. Imagine that! I was pounding someone else’s yam thinking tunarudishia miili shukrani tu kikawaida. Nairobiiiii

Back to my story. To cut the whole thing short, it was a loooong night. I think my drink helped me. To some bit.

Now when my lady neighbor came back, I told her of the experience. You know what she told me, yeye anaskianga watu kwa keja ya huyo boi na huyo boi hio time anakuaga outside Nairobi. That there is a time they were chatting and dude tells her he is in Mombasa yet anaskia watu wanaongea kwa hio nyumba. Wueh!

Anyway ndio nihame hapo, sisi wote tulikuwa hii day. Around 8 usiku. And the sound of the kids were back on the rooftop. Haha we even went to the rooftop, checked but saw nothing. Na tukirudi kwa keja tunaziskia. Some very weird stuff. Hivyo ndivyo niliamkia kutafuta nyumba.

The landlady then told us hizo nyumba vile alijenga zilikaa miaka mbili kama hazipati tenants ndio akaenda kuziombea. “Hizi nyumba ni kama mtu alirusha mashetani tukijenga lakini Mungu atatupigania”, she lamented, apologetically tho, while adjusting her spectacles. I bet she thought we, especially I, would change our minds and stop leaving. You should have seen the shock in her face when she realized I was actually not changing my mind.


This is v scary.

There is this Jomaican Rum, i think jina ni Maya. I dint know its laced with weed until i started having such hallucinations. Be reading your poisons ingredients before consumption

No. No. Wine tu? Does me nothing really except relaxing my mind. But you see the land lady confessed she was aware of such and that she suspected it from the time her houses couldn’t find a tenant for two years!

Sasa unaskia adi the lady pia alikua anaexperince izo vitu na hakunywi?

Anyway tuachane na majini. Uyo neighbour ulimkula, uyo mwenye alienda kupigwa kuni kwengine?? Onw thing I like about such plots is that while they aint good in terms of privacy, you are assured of pussy supply from virtually everywhere. Sio neighbour, sio dem wa duka, sio wa mpesa.

Haha hao si ni kawaida tu. Ni kujirudishia shukrani after a long week. With no strings attached, luckily.

So even that other dude was a victim of those shenanigans? Midway through the story I started suspecting he was the source of the “majini”.

mere beliefs are for the faint hearted and those with insecurities doesnt matter status quo or education background

Those where cats mating. But since you are a coward you had auditory hallucinations

I wish one day I can be close to such paranormal activity I investigate myself !

wewe uliskia paka zikikimbia zikidinyana…na wewe ni muoga sana nimeona

Apunguze rent watu waingie

my first sales trip took me to kericho , so jioni i booked mwalimu hotel, kitambo dont know whether its still there , so niko kwa room usiku kitu 3am apo sahizo baridi bro ni noma (nime chukua mpaka blankets za iyo bed ingine ) there were like 5 cats maybe having an orgy the sounds were crazy , i couldnt sleep, by then wa still naive vodka sikua nime discover .was scaring ,slept almost asubuhi hahahah.

Bonobos and grandma’s stories .

Good read man,I have never experienced such weird stuff but I know and even visited a new 5 storey building with very spacious 3 bedrooms practically unoccupied in Tassia area near some mosque there.
The building has remained vacant since it’s construction after the first and only tenant vacated after only a week due to hysterical noises and disturbances at night by ghosts allegedly…Even the caretaker only comes to sweep and occassionally escorts a would be tenant who never picks on the offer of Kshs.18,000/…

Kwani unaogopa night runners? In my shags they just ‘run’ and go away, no one bothers. And they’re known, hata mchana mkipatana you say hi and be on your way, both of you know usiku atakuwa shift. The ‘bad’ ones I know of ni wale wa evil eyes and downright uchawi. But night runners wa tao (nairofi) sijaskia:D

Are you sure the brand you were taking was not Johnie Walker and that it was not walking on you,

Haha maybe. I didn’t know him well.