Weird Dreams interpretation

What’s the craziest dream you have ever had? Mine was dreaming that I was a spartan slitting my throat in a form of ritual suicide or seppuku. Usually this kind of dream ends before you finish the act, mine didn’t end 'till I was through!


acha nikule kwanja, naludi


weh mzee nenda uko na zako hehe

wewe ota kabisa lakini ujue you have a pending hekaya


I once dreamt I won one million at a casino. I immediately stopped gambling because dreams are usually about things you obsess over.

Spartans do not commit seppuku.
And definitely they do not opt for cowardly death.

Dreams are a representative figure of you position in life (fears, regrets, likes, obsessions n aspirations)

@Bingwa Scrotum can you interpret this dream. :rolleyes:

Seppuku now encompasses a wide range of race in definition of honorable death, not only samurais


Too much of ‘Spartacus’ maybe

Grow ups watch this shiet