Weird behavior

What are some the unpleasant behaviors elders mliwahi ona a lady doing during sex?Mimi Kuna mwingine alikuwa ananishikashika matako tukifanya missionary…sikupenda hiyo tabia

She was just sending signals where you should concetrate while pumping-grabbing her ass. Actually she was into ass foreplay could you have probed her sexual life further. Stop displaying your ignorance man.

Hehe, I would never reveal anything important on this platform, hapa hata hakunaga privacy yoyote just basic anonymity

Only homophobes have a problem with a woman fondling their anus. And as you may know, most homophobes are closet homosexuals. If you could get that homophobia out of the way, that shit is heavenly. If you understand the anatomy of a man, you know why.


Thats very ngeey of you man! Nobody touches my butt coz am no batty rider!!

:rolleyes::rolleyes: that is so gaaay…

This was expected.

Najua homophobes wa kijiji are about to descend on me with all manner of insults. Isokay.

Lazima tukurekebishe before you plunge deeper into the point of no return

Mtanirekebisha aje? Mnataka kunitoa heaven so I can join y’all in the hell that is boring sex just because your homophobia won’t allow you to enjoy uninhibited sex with a sexual tigress? I’ll pass.

Stop hiding [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]ngeyism behind that sexual tigress phrase

Napenda dem akinidara rasa. Kama inakuwasha, jiue.

The sudden spike in your temper casts a lot. Tulia kwanza alafu feel free kudrop hekaya tukupee ushauri

Sema tu mara moja unapenda kula tigo. Ghassiiiaaaa :smiley:

@patco Kuna nyama hapa




Gaaaay man In denial. Y’all fools tend to come out in weird ways. Referring men who don’t like bestiality and animal acts as homophobes and an unhealthy obsession with ass is a textbook example of a fruity fella.Tunawajua.

Nyinyi ndo wale mnafanywa pegging, google pegging uone.