Weight Gain

I know this may be an old topic,
But nonetheless I need to know.
How can I add snews to my skinny self in the shortest time possible.
People think I am my wife’s kid brother…(so bad).
I tried Creatine na haikuwork.


kuna concentrated protein Tabs ama? I spent some huge sums of cash on Whey and shakes (was a regular pale Healthy U)but I never even finished the tins… couldn’t bear the taste…

Try junk, if you are genetically skinny huwezi saidika, that is if you have been that way your whole life. Before i forget, kuna mtu alikuambiwa udeworm.

chips,fried chicken,soda,ice cream etc.Do not exercise.

I want to hepa eating much. Shitting is my least favourite time of the day. Weights no. Nataka Kuwait kafatso not mascular…zitasag as I age…which supplement brand can I hunt for…minyoo SINA. I deworm every 3 months

Naskia kidney stones is like labor pains… Soda apana

Kidney stones kuna siku ilinipata,Hio siku nilikua ninakunywa two litres of soda.When i went to the toilet to urinate nothing comes out just weird pain but when i tried to come out of the toilet.Tena naskia kukojoa.Narudi tena kwa choo.I had to stay in the toilet for almost an hour.The horror i experienced that night was out of this world.

Your being skinny is a reflection of your genetics. Your ancestors were not getting enough to feed on and it became engrained in your inherited DNA. Hata ujaribu aje huwezi bulk up. I know of guys like you, mtu power iko, bench pressing over 100kgs but Sisi wa 80kg are more bulkier.

So all I need is to stuff my kamouth with eggs (boiled ama fry) beans and what else… Animal proteins si naskia ni ngori…nataka kufa na diabetes and not another cause…

Kumbe unataka kujimaliza?

What body type are you? If that skinny, google Ectomorph and see what foods will help. But you’ll need a workout regime as well. I’d suggest one where you work out for about 12weeks then take 4 weeks off. Your body will get into calories surplus those 4 weeks you are off and you’ll put on weight. Ask any athlete who has hang his boots.

I want the bigger or niggress who’ll be reading my eulogy ajue I went out with richman problems…hehe. besides the point.
Nataka a brand of supplements to go for na mtu asiniambie NeoLife ama Tiens…


Nope,you can bulk or cut using creatine,it’s work is to give you energy to work out longer and it is normally taken before work outs, its prob one of the best supplements that i have ever used, especially if you do your work outs in the evenings


cheki transformation ya huyu mjamaa.

i myself was a genetically skinny guy at 5’10-58kgs 2years ago. today i’m 5’10-94kgs almost as shredded as this guy.



do this: kunywa whole milk liter tatu kwa siku, three cups asubuhi, three cups lunch, three cups supper. in one week utakua umeona a significant differrence, na in one month utakua umenona, and thanks to skinny genetics, hauta nona vibaya ati ukue momo, utakua tu sawa like this guy below whom is also 6ft.


You automatically assume since he was skinny his ancestors were not getting enough food?
All of us were skinny some time back. Heck even MaDvd and Aladwa were once lanky fellows:D:D But with the potential to balloon.:D:D.
And there are exceptions in every case.

Huyu ni ule msomali na handle mpya

Greasy kfc shld do the trick