Weh @admin meffi...

:mad:now your stupid NVs are spamming inboxes.
You guys need to handle this nonsense

Cc @Mundu Mulosi @Electronics4u @Deorro @admin

Relax. The guy just wants a piece of you.:D:D


:D:D:D:D:D:D It’s irritating but nmecheka. wangeinbox @uncle nyam

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Jana nmemtia burukenge NV flani adabu after posting his usual nonsense. Nyang’au flani ikang’oa post yangu and I was prevented from commenting. Hii kijiji sjui kiachiwe NVs waspam. Ferken siet:(:(:(:mad:


Hehe the new NVs are wakanyama’s and jirani ''s robots waging a tactical and well orchestrated assault


Hehehe… hauko peke yako.


napenda sanaa

The worse thing wana treat forum kama Fb[ATTACH]110544[/ATTACH]
They put up a thread and then they look like this

Wana saka hio credo but i warned this place that kcr wasn’t supposed to be used outside the community we generate our own rep system with the currency but nope you let them all in and gave em all the powers…atleast restrict their rights to make threads hio itasave doh and it is will nature good content creation(handles) but i can’t even troll these threads cuz its just way beneath my hustle so am wrapping it up

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Hahaha. This forums losing it. I can’t even troll no more.

Admin is like that guy who builds a temple and sees he’s got few followers. He then proceeds to put a ‘Free Food for followers’ sign on the door. Sure he’s got a full temple now but is that really the congregation anyone wants? Real followers fighting for space with those that just came for free food.

Mwingine pia ndo huyu


Pucker up @nairobilay.

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Cheka tu. Your inbox will jaa with this garbage you will cry like @Davidee

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Btw @Davidee Machozi aliendaga wapi?