Weekend well spent

Hehe, kwani hakai wanking material??

Whatever my sister or niece does with her life is none of my biznes as long as she’s over 18. Mimi sio kama @Twangapepeta. So now I cant get laid because my lay is someone’s sister. Think along those lines mujamaa.

kuliandeje kanono @kush yule mnono

If they are cheap like that to get banged for a pack of chips then they deserve it, wakule alafu wamangwe, how about that?



So you seat three seats away from your date as i can see an empty chair next to her? Wacha kutubeba kimandazi. Hehe kubali yaishe

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Iko swali ingine, shuma ilirara ndani

wewe cheki vyenye huyo mshe ameblush yake yote. Hiyo uCSI yako bado haitoshi

Sawa mujamaa hekaya coming soon

Hehehehe we need more incriminating evidence

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Kush wewe ni fala sana vile mbomb alisema

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Looking at the the Perspective of the Pic, you were not the most “interesting” person at the table, plus your side of the table is empty, which makes me think you were standing up when you took the
pic and the chic was laughing at you coz u used a cheap pick up line like “Did you fart?Coz u blew me away”… I think you will be stuck with Vaseline Njerry for a long time.

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