Weekend Safety Brief

Don’t drink and drive you fools. Don’t beat your wives and kids you peasants. Don’t hit your pets. Use protection usiwe na ukimwi kama Jirani. And finally enjoy your weekend safely and responsibly!
#mosthated #plebs #LoL #hahaha




And you, my friend, beware of icebergs as you navigate those turbulent waters…
Greece shouldn’t be too far away now.

Ogeey. I can see the rocks from here. Pray the boat doesn’t capsize. Meffi.

Chieth. When you sign off you QUOTE the full name of your boat. M. V. MEFFI.

mersk meffi:D:D:D:D

Meffi wewe. It’s a freaking yacht not just a “boat” don’t get it twisted now. Meffi.


NV, before commenting, I suggest you…

Look at the trends of the village, go through the Ktalk lexicon so that when you surface, you are well versed in the ways of this mas village. As it stands, you are giving attention to an unwanted problem and villagers may put you together. You do not want the wrath of these villagers.