Weekend Manenoz

I happened to visit some stripper joint on Baricho road… Da fug was I thinking? Anyhow, we were 4 gals…more like a girls night out…
One of the girls realized one of the strippers’ was her former campus friend. She came over where we were seated and decided to give us a show! lol… it was crazy! I mean crazy to a point she gave us a lap dance… Damn she was sexy AF! Those strippers can gerrit!

Share your experiences in that club?
PS. am straight…

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Tree holder dected!!!


Weka mbicha or keti pale…

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Naona umesoma. Most ladies will say anyhowly instead of anyhow. Sasa tayarisha uniform na vitabu zako. Nimepata your Caution money. By six tunaelekea. Usikulanishe asubuhi staki ushinde ukisimamisha basi.




Mbisha hata ya sign board to the strip club inatakikana.


I endorse this message… 1

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@old monk chunga, huyu hatacheza kama sleek gal, hapa ukigethia uta-slidiwa

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Apple Bees strippers changing room! :stuck_out_tongue: kama walimaliza high school, ile ya shida shida! College?! unless allumni of Nairofi Avyashon et al …… :smiley: :smiley: :D[ATTACH=full]26864[/ATTACH]

apple bees,back in 2006 a stripper left some white sticky stuff on my trouser while doing a lap dance and she was ugly AF,i never went back there




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True story… This had to be posted using a “pseudo account”

one is not allowed to take pics

Maybe I like girls… lol… I keep on laughing when I remember the events of that day.

is apple beez on Baricho rd…

didn’t you get a copy of the code? what happens there stays there…

It only applies to men…

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