Weekend in Uganda

Sante elder

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I.D inatosha. Sometimes they ask for a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate but hapo you just grease hands

Wewe ni mwenyeji huko. Niliona maong’ong’o Goodluck banae. Some of the prosties are Kenyan though.

Heed what talkers have posted. Get the necessary documents if you are not the mjuaji type. I went all the way to Kampala with nothing but my ID. Partied over the Easter holidays and came back without any hassle. Confidence is key when you are travelling in a foreign country.

Advice safi sana. The Nalongo hows are cliqued with criminal gangs. Bro ahepe hao kabisa. Op needs to pic up a chick from a club.

You can’t cross without the yellow fever certificate.