Weekend Hekaya

On Friday afternoon i got a call from a pal asking me whats was my plan for the night.
I had spent the whole day on site and was quite tired but he kept on insisting i should turn up.
At around 6 pm it was decided enough is enough and had to get myself rolling.
Passed at a Kenyan joint and as usual half kg of meat,sembe and sukuma was devoured,blame my appetite.
At seven i was at the destination,most of my boys were there.
A seat had been reserved for between three babes/women.
Introductions were done by my pal as i made myself comfortable between them.
I think by the time of my arrival they had each galloped like three drinks each.
Well all i can say they were damn beauties,with proper hagas not like those of Nairobi chicks with Chinese pads to create an impression coca cola figures.
These ones were natural coca cola shapes and the temptation was high.
As we jazzed i kept on ogling to their thighs in short skirts and dresses and they could notice it.
One of the ladies described me as a pussy thug since i a bit quiet trying to study them.
She kept on saying the quiet ones are the dangerous ones.
What shocked me was that they were all married,wealthy but they openly shared that their marriages are boring and they want some excitement.
They lamented their husbands are away most of the time.
Two of them were on my case like a tonne of bricks.
I don,t know what is the obsession with women with height and masculinity.
They went further and commented that am so handsome,i just smiled
They kept on feeling my arms and shoulders as we chatted.
They were talking dirty as the night went on.
At some point i was pinned at the wash room as i smoked my fag wondering what the hell is happening.
She grabbed me with all the energy she had and forcibly pressed her lips on mine.
Two of them kept on telling me that we must go together after and insisted they wont mind sharing with their friend.
When it was time to leave i escorted them to their cars as we chatted same time looking for the perfect excuse.
At this point Mrs Madova came to my mind and i said no since i had told them that i was married with two beautiful gals which i even showed them thinking they would leave me not to realize i was stroking more fire.
I had an early Saturday was my excuse as we hugged and parted ways with a promise to link up again.
Ever since i have been bombarded with chats and nudes and invites which i have dodged with expertise of a serial lair.
It was a very tempting night.
So here am asking have most of the marriages gone to the dogs or what is wrong with married women?


Wapi hizo nudes madova? Wewe si mgeni hapa.


Those were not married women bt singo moms…take my word




you are also always away from mrs madova son si ako nairobi na wewe uko eastafrica mzima

wapi hizo nudes ulitumiwa ama hii yote ni hekaya to massage your ego



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We demand you upload pictures of fat asses.



for now we wont mind the nudes

The only believable part of the story is where you “smoked” a fag…


Mafisi chairman kindly suspend this guy for some time for letting the team down


Buda najua sheria but maze itakuwa disrespect maze.

I cant tell man but was convinced otherwise.

:D:D,Hapo umeniona but huu mwaka things have changed kwanza naingia mtaa end month.every month for some fews days then narudi base.
Hizi picha maze hapana.Unajua internet never forgets.

Kuja pole pole ndogo.

Uko na umama sana but elewa picha haiwes make.



Edit the damn things. I don’t need a HD image to kickstart my Bajaj. Sharing is caring.

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This translates to that you don,t hang out with gorgeous babes and you just jealous wishing it was you.:D:D

Mzae nakuona pia.Kama ni wewe ungefanya?

Pleading in sheng ama watokea wapi kaka?Nitaelewa.

Utafanya nibaniwe na jirani

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Ningekula nitafune mifupa

Title says it all: duh?

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Blank the faces and post the damned nudes. Disrespect kwani wewe ndiye bwana wao?