weekend drive/road trip Is a long weekend goddamnit!!

Hello Talkers

There is an ongoing arrangement for anyone that is up for a weekend road trip kwa inbox initiated by @crazywizard .This came about after this thread. https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/golf-gt-status-update.45963/ If any talker is interested he can inbox him to join the inbox conversation. Several takers are already in the conversation. So far this is the agreed upon route. You can bring your suggestions for other routes

Pink handles are also encouraged



Ooh I remember you now.
Wewe ni yule jamaa ulikuwa unatutusi hapa juu ya Subaru, right?

hmmh I do not remember you though. anyway this is another issue all together. we will handle your memories later


I see you have dropped the cockiness.

More details like stop overs, the schedule en so forth…

[ATTACH=full]96839[/ATTACH] my suggestion…waay better if you ask me


I have invited you to the inbox discussion we deliberate there

interesting hebu changia kwa conversation

That’s a pretty boring route. No scenery at all

suggestions are welcomed

pink handles are welcome with their cars or even as passengers

discrimination against footsubishi members. admin tafadhali ng’oa hii thread


The most Adrenalin high route in from nairobi to moyale. Titeni hiyo kama nyinyi ni wanaume.

I get you. but we need a route that will form a loop.

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no discrimination mate just a small meet up

Drive to Msa-lamu-Wajir-moyale-Nairobi

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Anzeni yenu ya cheki maneno

hapana just drive+ scenery + pussy or anything you fancy

security ni shida hapo