Weekend Alternative R




@Miss Finest Wine for you.

The haters gon hate so wameze wembe hapa


Huyu @Miss Finest Wine ni ule mwenye magoti yenye bugtha?




Weh muthuri ndukire ndigethue mukonyo, no tiwe

Wacha ngoma itambae

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Zii ni ule ametublock juu hataki nonsense ya hii mtaa



Weee asanteni sana (Uhuru accent). I luurve that Kenyan music these days. I never used to appreciate it a few years ago, I would wonder why every Kenyan and his dog is out to watch Diamond huku. The beats are vv catchy. Tena nimesefishe mechoooooooo hehehehe.

@Freestyle…you have no idea how much my life on Ktalk changed since I binned 11 characters. I wish I had known earlier. Why would a miserable nignog like Jaymo or that Leo, Jimmit or that Screwball who cannot even write come on a music thread to vomit on it? who stops them from creating their own?why should a man (Budspence)suspecting his wife of cheating dictate what I MFW should post? why should an AP(Pamba) struggling with alcoholism make it my ishu? why should men twice my age bash and bash and bash my handle, we are not agemates? read and move on… I would come home and find like 30 alerts.

Don’t mention my inbox as some flocked there with new handles on the day they ‘registered’. They get the proverbial FERK OFF and even then they call me a bitch when I refuse to engage in my own inbox???. why should Destro throw a hissy fit because I said I will not visit secret? because he is an author of hate there. That Mukuna with his Randan ishus Gaad. I don’t issue UK visas…Oh that Fala idiot tagging me everywhere drove me mad!! 70 year old Natty knew me in his earlier life. Sigh!

I cannot see what they write and they cannot see what I write. Thank you Mods for that button. Besides ukinikujia ujue tu utakipata. Regardless of age or respect! no giving the right cheek after you slap my left.

Anyways all those that I have binned have been on my case since I joined the forum. Waiting for 3 more to stagger home to Room 101. 2 are female.

Clearly Dr Frank Njenga has many potential patients here.

Heaven and bliss now. Twendele na muziki zetu. I promised some American Country music.


@Freestyle…wonderwall is a big fav of mine, when are these bros making up???. Oasis and Coldplay/Chris Martin are the reason I take my nephews to music lessons.

Tried your phone…My own children will suffer kiasi. Music lessons. And football…EPL to play for Chelsea or Man City.

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Let us start hia bro, the Coundray music I promised. I know you were offline but it has been a tough weekend for me. Will call you kesho


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It has been a tough weekend. Will def call you kesho…your lunchtime…


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@kush yule mnono…one for you hon. Know plane is about to touch down now…


Back to Biz


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Been Offline back now , os cof you know why.
Lemi check out

Hello …Imagine am awake and I going into the office in a few hours but no serious meetings but it will be a vvvv long day. I started off on the Country music then got derailed…

Kuja elsewhere briefly before I catch about 2 hrs sleep. Was looking out for Kush coz planes do Malaysia. And he was arriving at midnight!

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Give me the link pls

Nimetuma kwa inbox

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Thanks deer. Nko mtaani salama salimini, natafuta @uwesmake kwanza nimpatie GUDI ya power hawache ufala ya kunyemelea wewe. Meffi yeye

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It was nice knowing ulifika salama. That was a vvv ungodly arrival hr hun, did Uncle Thio pick you up or he was lewad as per norm. Tigana na ndege shia raithi! Nipigieni mkiwa Mushatha, so I treat you.

See you soon. Uwes ako hapo Equity dishing loans. Usimpige. You are bigger than him.

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Hapo sawa