Weed Vapour treats Chicken Pox

Sometime in early 2000s while I was in Form 2 chicken pox decided it was time to visit yours truly, I had rashes all over my body, with the big ones all over my face, I could not sleep even with the help of piriton, I had been given some medication including the sleeping pills by my uncle who we fondly referred to as daktari, he was a nurse by the way and a very heavy drinker of chang’aa and a chain smoker,.

I was a day scholar and because of the indisposition I did not go to school on the third day, as my condition had worsened.

I was very close to my grandparents’ Shamba boy, we will call him Buoy. So Buoy comes to see me and he is not happy with my condition and offers to ‘treat’ me.

Buoy leaves to return with some dried leaves which he tells me are called enyasore aka bhang alias MaryJane. He then proceeds to my grandma’s house and boils water.

Buoy then informs me that weed vapour is the ultimate cure for chicken pox, he instructs me to take off my clothes and sit in the middle of the room, he proceeds to sprinkle the weed in the sufuria containing the very hot water, he then proceeds to explain to me that he will cover me with a blanket, the sufuria was positioned between my legs. It was time to let the vapour to go to work.

After like 30 seconds the heat becomes too much and I yell to Buoy to release me but he reckons that we are doing just fine, And I should hold on for a little longer. Then the worst happens, I kick the sufuria as I try to release myself from his grip, the water spills burning my buttocks and yes!! my member.

This has been one of my best kept secrets, I stayed home for the next two weeks nursing my burns and not the chicken pox.

So yes, my skin peeled off just like a snake. Am brown but my butt and member are dark, my member is fine though the new layer of skin in my butt crack that developed after the burn is delicate and gets painful if I don’t soothe it with Vaseline from time to time.

He he he
Pole ndugu.
Do you partake of enyasore?

:D:D:D pole Mr.

Jesus of Nazareth. Pole sana bratha. Let the sun shine nitawaletea Hekaya pia how I got a burn on my left arm all the way from the shoulder

hekaya mulwa

Ujinga ni kipawa

Wapi wale wakisii wamekatwa epiglotis?

:D:D:D:D bora ulipona

Hii hekaya inakuja lini???

Yes I do, my missus doesn’t like it though, she is been rooting for me to stop, so nowadays it’s about once a week or even once in two weeks, ile ya kuiba


:D:D:D… a very funny twist.

Did the chicken pox heal?

Yes, it did, kikiki you

pole boss

You left the part where buoy kamuad yu…

Reminds me my kid sister alitoa chicken pox shule kwao alafu akanisambazia.The worst thing is that it was after my 4th form akidogo kidogo there was a kachic I was smashing venye alikam kuniambia pole pia nikampa share yake ya iyo chicken pox. You can’t imagine kupata hii kitu ukiwa ushafikisha legal age…dem



That chicken pox disease is a nightmare. My kid sister also brought it from a kid friend of hers in our neighbourhood. Within a week 4 of us went down with the thing. I was in class 1. I went to school for 3 days but my class-teacher sent me home after the thing started spreading all over my hands such that I couldn’t hold a pencil. It was very traumatic.

After another 1 week I brought all my 3 table mates down(we used to share a table with a seat for each pupil-a funny seating arrangement). Then a couple of pupils in my class got it. After another 1 week you could count those who didn’t have it in the whole lower primary. I kept wondering why the senior guys, including my eldest bro in class 8, weren’t getting it.
Some recovered very fast but others-like me-took a long time. I particularly remember this one kid in our class who came from a rich family. He was the only fat kid in our class. We used to call him a funny nickname I can’t recall. The thing took a heavy toll on him. As per my naive approximation then, within a month he had lost half his weight. I think he got another disease at the same time. He spent almost a whole term at home/hospital.
Then thing disappeared just as it had come never to be seen again-in my whole primary school life.

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