Wedding of the century

INDIA is waiting for the WEDDING of the CENTURY: the youngest son of Asia’s richest man is preparing for the celebration - his father’s fortune is estimated at $111 billion

According to rumors, the wedding will cost $113 million and will take place only in July, but for now the “pre-wedding party” is in full swing:

— This Wednesday there was a dinner for 51 thousand people.

— 1,200 guests are expected at the wedding, including: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Hilary Clinton, and Rihanna is also scheduled to perform.

— Guests have already been given a 9-page booklet about the mandatory dress code at the celebration.

— 500 dishes prepared by a hundred chefs will be served at the celebration.

— On the final day of the festivities, a “Tusk Trails” event is planned, during which guests will spend the day “surrounded by natural wonders,” including 200 elephants, 300 cats of prey and 120 reptiles.

And the gals family is the one giving dowry. She’s also from very wealthy parents.

Arranged marriage of the century

halafu fatso akuliwe bibi

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