Weblink (Banking Assistance)

Hey guys, a quick question.

What is a weblink when it comes to money transfer or banking?

How can I get one?

Google haisaidii sana CC @Okiya

Which bank or money remittance service?

any bank I guess…a local one and / or a foreign one. You have any idea?

But you cant just use any bank to transfer if you are not a member

Ok, thanks for that. Now what is it? Do you know anything about it? coz I know absolutely nothing about Weblink and I am trying to find out what I can…sooo bear with me.

Do all banks have it kwanza?

All banks this days are online banking capable, now whether this has been made publicly available to members is another question. But I want to believe that any bank worth its name should have this enabled for its members.


is that the weblink?

Yes and no. That’s just an interface to one, Loosely translated, a Web link Is the technology running behind the scenes (T24) that allows a banks customers to manage their accounts from an online portal an also do interbank money transfers e.g an RTGS