Web Developers Needed

In preparation for @rollout buying KENYATALK.COM and KENYATALK.CO.KE i would like to employ the services of good Web Developers.Someone who can modify the Xenforo system to my liking.If you happen to know or you possess such skills,inbox me with your complete CV and salary quote.Asanteni.

Mimi nataka kuwa moderator

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mods will also be on the payroll,you will need a certificate of good conduct from @nyanyako first

@rollout = @nyanyako ?

o_Oo_Ois this serious

Can you retain me as a mod?


hehehe No but i trust @nyanyako ,during the #ferkadmin movement he proved his salt

All current KENYATALK.COM mods are automatically disqualified from mod positions in my new regime.I don’t need to explain why

That is great news.

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I want the job

What are your qualifications,previous experience.Sadly most of what am getting are university graduates whose only expertise is setting up wordpress and joomla,even i can do that.I need hardcoders,diehard PHP/ASP etc programmers. That’s who i want on my team.

whats the scope of the project? do you want to move to a new platform or stick to xenforo?

have done creditsawa.co.ke…flhm.co.ke… check them out

I have seen framework usage but hacking into xenforo needs a hardcoder,show me something you have done without the help of an application framework

Nko hapa na resume inakuom kwa inbox yako soon. Experience ni ya miaka kadhaa

Xenforo is quite sufficient for what i want.But i need some substantial modifications done

I know Php, Html, CSS, Bootstraps, Mysql, PostgreSQL, Javascript, Django and Python. Oh I also know how to use git for version control, so what would you like to be created for? Nione inbox tuongee biashara.

Sorry,you are automatically disqualified based on your questionable morals :D:D:D ([SIZE=1]dishing out the goodies to admin and mods in exchange for rank[/SIZE])


Change it to phpbb hii template ni mbovu.

meffiii @rollout.