Weatherman Warns Of Heavy Than Normal Rains Come March/April, Maybe Prophet Ruto Will Disagree Again


What part is uwongo?

Hio mvua mingi

Okay. He said the same in October and many LOW IQ people dropped their guard and died. Let’s wait.

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Just normal heavy rainfall


They said that elnino will last thru yo march. The sun has never been hotter especially in feb.

Don’t know where you are but I have never seen a year as wet as this one since I got to know myself. Ata nyasi kando ya barabara in most of central hazijakauka.

I only trust one man


It’s already raining in Nairobi. I trust Francis Nguatah

Am waiting for official JSKS statement Dio I compare

Pastor Benny Hinn ndiye ameleta baraka ya mfua wadau.

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