Wealthy Kenyans now driving cars like Lambo Aventador!!

Kenyans be loaded. Aventador, Urus, Bentayga, Maybach, Ferraris, Bentley Continental GT you name it,. all over Nairobi.

There’s a Kenyan who owns a brown bugatti. Another owns a customised Aston Martin Rapide plus a ferrari.



The mhindi who owns this bentley gt must be the boss of Kenyan roads. That paint job can’t be cheap


hiyo lambo kwa bumbs mtu anafanyaje

Ngirici driving his Rolls Royce phantom drop top in Kirinyaga town.o_O



Since the gallardo most lambos come equipped with a lift assist system for going over speed bumps but you still have to be very careful. In Kenya it’s more or less useless.


But you are rich, scraping your car isn’t a big deal.


Hawa ni maboyz wa @ChifuMbitika…pesa sio shida…shida ni how to spend it…fast

Those are not wealthy kenyans, those are children and grandchildren of the wealthy. They love vanity and show off. Wealthy kenyans concern themselves with acquiring more factors of production, not vanity.

We are not the same with these kids with old money and corruptly acquired money. Ours has been gotten through sweat and we must take care of every penny.

Boss si you watch the 3rd video and see the brand new money green bentley continental gt. I was referring to that last video in that post. At minute 1.03

Why all these madoido. Huwa wanakuwa wakionyesha nani?

hiyo Aventador ni ya south africa


Unaeza pata hiyo Lambo ni ile iko written off kiplani, amebuy na 1m hivi but lazima aendeshe kama kobe

Jungu’s are corrupt to the core, they’ve caused many wars in 3rd world countries, resulting in numerous deaths, all geared towards amassing resources for they industries back home.
Mwafrika is corrupt to, but for what ?

There are so many super cars around you just need to be in the right circles and a whole new Kenya that has been hidden from a majority of you .I expect peasants like @patco to start worshipping me next year nikileta Bentley Continental GT Speed

wacha wivu Arror

Ata mimi niko na Mercedez benz classic

Wewe unajua tu ile mkokoteni ilikupeleka ukang’andio kwa mto ya Wangige.
Aventador ni wewe

Kuna video ingine ya same aventador parked in Nairobi. Rumors are that there are a few more others

Aventador ni nini,nilidhani hikio keehee kinataja vitu ovyo ovyo after kuvuruta bangi…ama mnavuruta pamoja