wealth is relative

There’s this fake pride that African parents try to instill in their kids, by convincing said kids they never lacked anything growing up.

Idiots like @Heke swallowed the lie. That’s why he is here preaching how he never lacked anything as a kid since his parents were well off.

Really? You never lacked anything? You never lacked holiday trips to Europe? Helicopter rides?

Ama you merely never lacked food? :D:D:D

@Heke considers his parents rich. By village standards, it’s true his parents were rich. They own a brick-house and an old KAG car.

But by city standards however, @Heke ni maskini. He is a village boy married to a fat smelly wife.

@Heke wewe ni maskini. Tell your ugly wife to clean her twat. It smells like rotten fish.

DM heke utishe mkia bila kusumbua

Na usisahau bei

while at it come back with your true handle ndio nijue tulikosania wapi… @Heke is a big name unaona mpaka jamaa wa wanchwani hawezi ni tag ovyo ovyo…kuja na handle yako ya ukweli ndio niingie chokosh war na wewe…malaya