Wealth hidden in Tax havens.

Kenya is Second in the World.[ATTACH=full]199539[/ATTACH]

Kenya is not a tax haven but a conduit for money laundering. Nigerian politicians, Somalis, Ugandans, Congolese and dont forget our very own politicians and civil servants.

You didn’t get it right . It shows countries that their citizens are hiding money in tax heaven countries like Switzerland

I think graph inasema Kenyan wealth hidden abroad.

Doesn’t make sense. How is $50 billion hidden in some few people’s account in a foreign country? While tunaambiwa Uhuru atarudisha only about $1 billion. This is probably the value of unpaid taxes by large international corporations contracted to work in kenya over a cumulated period of time.

Ah…kisungu ngumu

Have you calculated how much worth is Biwott’s 10,000 acres in australia ? Start with that.

MOi and cronies should be behind bars

MOi and cronies should be behind bars

Look at that scale on the left hand side. It’s percent of GDP. So Kenya is not no 2. It is no 8.
My guess that other than one or two individuals, most of that hidden money is by corporations. Safaricom, Kenya Airways, Nakumatt, etc.

Land in the desert is dirt cheap. You can buy an acre for less than $300 dollars. So those “10,000 acres could be worth $3m. Ksh 3B.In Australia, they don’t have buloti culture. The most a person wants is a small quarter acre to build his house with a white picket fence. Mambo of farming is left to large scale commercial farmers. Most of Australia is sparsely populated barren desert.

You missed some detail on the chart. The data used to compose this graph is GDP is from 2007. Kenya had a GDP of approximately $27B-$31B in 2007. Therefore the amount of mullah stashed abroad at that point in time was equivalent to approx 70% of Kenya’s GDP in 2007(roughly $20B).
Now check the dots / blots under the bar graphs which represents amounts in Billions. In 2007 the US had $1.58TRILLION stashed in tax havens. (This is around ×33 Kenya’s GDP in 2007) , but it’s ~8% of $ 14TRILLION reported as the US GDP in 2007.

Russia is Second, not Kenya.

Most of it is for tax purposes! Many insurance companies here in kenya have their money pale running into billions of dollars. Kuna strategy ya hedging nimesahau jina. But still kuna wezi kama Uliam ako na shell companies pale kwa tax havens.

You missed the point. The data is ranked by GDP percentage not overall amount.

infact it is just 300M KES