Weak men in leadership Positions, why we insist on Arror

Kalonzo and Igathe and the rest have confirmed to us that they are always tools of powerful and prominent businessmen, who are out to subvert the will of the people, and overthrow our Constitution.

Igathe was sent to Nairobi county by a powerful businessman who was against devolution.

A country must be governed by men who resolve what to do and do what they resolve.

For once i agree with you. We should elect a man who has literally been through the fire. 8years in prison for the rights we now take for granted. As a forest circumcised tiriki/maragoli warrior, I respect action not words

No need for why…


Warrior and bantu

Never heard of that combi

Somali mjinga nyamazisha kinyambis

Heeeeeeh! Saa hii ndo imesink in my mind :D:D:D:D

Bantu warrior???

Aje sasa?

Much like bantu worrier

Nitakutumia my brother @Thirimaii akumalizie SAA hii utulie

Sawa msee ametoka place ya matriarchal society

Then unadefend warrior aje tena?

Tulia ako karibu kufika

Wazi Chifu Mbitika Wanjiru

Halafu uanzishe biz uite Chimbiwa enterprises

Or Chimbiwa plaza

Good name for my next trailer

Your Arror was neck deep in YK92, bidding for Moi, and the Kenyan Economy has never recovered from the activities of that outfit.

Hizo tu?

Prof. Munavu and Prof. Njuguna Ndung’u are working with others who believe in Arror and want a better future for us all.

During the late J. Nyaga funeral kuna mtu alisema they wanted to move a machine from Kenyatta hospital (serving hundreds of wananchi) to some private facility in Nairobi because JN health was deteriorating and that would have possibly helped.

Even though the guy is my kin, that left a bad taste in my mouth.

CK funeral is no different. Just a bunch of bootlickers and wheeler dealers trying to be relevant and show how close they were to him.

Not that somebody’s fault that you surk deeks alot

You insist with who ?have you forgotten you are a arse washing Arab ghaseer with a shithole country which will never see peace in next 1000years ,go and elect Ahmed and Abdul huko zoomalia

watiriki munakuanga wajinga sana and what the phack do you mean by tiriki or maragoli? you dont know your origin?

It takes two people to conceive homosexual

We won’t elected an uncircumcised luo man in his mid 70’s who is going senile