Weak Kamba Men!

Is there any anthropological explaination on why the Kamba men are weak? Yaani a man cannot take a stand and stick with it like how a normal man is supposed to. Kamba men are really entrenching the belief that they’re house-negros par excellence. Slightly ahead of @uwesmake 's kins.

I look up to men who can make choices or have opinions and believe in it and be ready for the consequences arising therefrom. That’s why I admire Stalin or Hitler just the same way I admire Mandela or Martin Luther King Jr.

One thing that defines a man is ability to make a choice and live with it regardless of the outcome. A man who fears to take a stand should be eunuchized.

Why are you generalizing one man decision to a whole tribe? Tribalistic chieth

Hapa natetea @Kalenjinga, He’s right… ive had an encounter with many Kambenoids ,and i can attest to this. Nahiyo saparano yao huuthi pia.

A leader of a group, an entity or a community is a true representation of that group, entity or that community.

Kama kiongozi ni shoga, mlevi etc, then wafuasi ni shoga, walevi etc kwa huo mfuatilio. Kama kiongozi ni feminist, then wafuasi ni feminist et cetera. Kama kiongozi ni mpenda Mungu and hardworking kama Arror, then wafuasi wake pia ni hivo hivo.

We may be weak but not thieves /looters /conning murders .
Chenye mmetushida Sana ni meno yaani mko teeethy Kama poonder ya @kanguthu

A weak excuse. A weak comeback. Shenzi sana. Wakalenjins hawaibi. Sisi tunalima mashamba zetu na kupanda vyakula vyetu. Hatuibii mtu mali yake. Hatujajaa Nairobi slums thugging and robbing fellow citizens.

Tulia tulikuambia game changaaa. Sasa mumeanza kuingiza waba.

Acha mauchungu kijana, the truth is Kambas punch way above their weight, despite Kamba’s small population and less than 10% of votes in the country, Kambas equally influence national politics like all other bigger tribes and Kambas play a bigger role in Kenyan politics than Kalenjins and Lunjes combined… that can not be achieved by sitting on the fence, it requires fighting for what you want and adapting quickly to changing politiical dynamics…

As you can see, Kambas are the ones deciding whether or not Ruto has a chance this year and we have decided he does not, so, we can understand your bitterness…

That’s not how you woo a suitor, be courteous and perhaps they may be influenced to your political divide

Determine what? Stop confusing being influential with being weak house negroes.

If you determined anything, you would be having a presidential candidate or worse case, a deputy. Now you’re nothing but just statistics. You will be given two ministries (one being the ministry for water) and few parastatals and you will be shouting “yes massa!”

If Kambas were nothing haungeazisha thread about them and start wimping like a little girl, si huazishe thread ya Pokomo??? kubaff wewe

the indecisiveness trait is inherent in all kambas. Including their women. Whenever it doesn’t appear in a Kamba, it means at some point a woman violated her domestic integrity and/or got involved with a man from a tribe without such handicaps.


po box L00T1NG SUGOI .

wizi mutarudi kuiba maybe after 2042 elections

Siwezi tetea wakamba, they are cheap.

Heri kuwa mwizi than kuwa an indecisive effeminated man.

Kalonzo is being pragmatic! There’s no shame in that.

Kamba are most trustworthy employees juu ya hiyo umama.

One of my employees is nicknamed… ‘Mbossi Kasema’ because nikitumana ujumbe hufika verbatim.

Apana hurumia Murkomen. Malisaaa

Homosexual dog talk about indecisiveness in LGBT community not us whore[ATTACH=full]442452[/ATTACH]

Educate hii meno wazi bwana @cortedivoire