we were robbed!!

So irregularities and illegalities were committed but they have no evidence to pinpoint who was liable? Did these irregularities and illegalities occur in abstract? He should just go home.


Were dem nucca’s strapped while robbing you and we? Dem run us all up with a 9mm?


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Hawa watu walituchezea game ya chini lakini sasa kimeumana

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The fact that chiloba and chebukati have been spared leaves me wondering next week wanaenda anniversary kufanya nn.

Mambo ya chiloba must go has been nipped in the bud, the dick measuring contest was an unfair one for obvious reasons… RWNEBP


hiyo petition ya overulling the judgement naona ikifika kotini kesho asubuhi

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and many more, it will be drama galore.

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The women in Ocha gorrit. Mum called me back then and told me ‘thisiswhatitis’.


Turudi kwa debe! in person or by word of mouth or both. Even then sioni akikubali. Uhuru amevumilia sana.

Kenyans tulirogwa by being burdened with this person.

Wewe!!! tungepata Kony ama Kagame

the supreme court should be declared a crime scene and cordoned off! we need to collect all the evidence.

Mbona hamja clap clap vile mtu flani ameshinitiza neno “threshold”? :D:D:D:D

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He is not further away from Amin. He will not accept the new results. Watch him next month.

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So tuseme, there is no way Raila can refuse to go for elections in October?

Anyone who watched the petition must be an idiot to think that the judges would have ruled otherwise. When you are asked a simple question as to what happens to unused ballot papers already issued to voters and you engage the judges in a cat and mouse game as counsel Macharia of Jubilee did, what do you expect?
When you address the bench as a bunch of kids as counsel Muite did, and yet you can’t answer a simple question as to why some forms are serialised while others are not, what do you expect?
When you show up with theatrics as counsel Abdulahi and PLO Lumumba did instead of addressing or countering issues raised by the petitioners, what would a reasonable judge do?

Tukutane kwa debe #KumĩraKumĩra #RWNEBPORK

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To say we were robbed is to put it lightly. The election was reduced to a pickie ponkie duel between mucous-dribbling mongrels.

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Let it be known that last time we voted and went home waiting for celebrations. Round hii tutatoka polling station ouru akiapishwa.

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