We were Kings


What happened to us?


Hizi vitu Huwa far fetched

Hoteps can wank to these warrior-conqueror master race theories as much as they want. In the modern world people care who you are today. Not who you used to be eons ago.

You of all people ought to have learned the perils of tampering with history

Black vikings? What next,black aliens?
Isnt Baal some weird asš god moses got pissed off at? Anyway…

The moors were also Africans who served as nobles and advisors in European states during the middle ages. William Shakespeare and Abram Petrovich Gannibal are just some of the examples.

Yep the Great Zimbabwe is still a masterpiece of the 7th centuary and many comparison of art with that of Egyptian origin…the Ngozi people disappeared in Uganda. White Race sympathisers shida ni yenyu burukenge.

Prophet Elijah killed thousands of Baal worshippers