We waz kungs and kangz


What are you now?

Mocking or not, plenty of civilisations point their roots to Egypt

:D:D luanda magere akiona hii thread ndio utajua hujui.


sad it’s always we WERE and never we ARE or WILL BE.
but am all for knowing our HIStory and hoping we will use it to make our present and futures better.

We have to wait for white people to research an tell us our history as there is just a handful of nyeuthi doing research on African history.

Hiyo mitoto rasta anyoe hizo marasta. Hooliganism huanza hivyo. Failure to conform is one of the early signs of an antisocial personality. It’s the small bumps in the road that the get the ball rolling that snowballs into a huge and costly problem for society.


Probably a pedo from the pic posted of a primary school girl:D:D