We want our country back - UK

They need to give others their countries back before they get theirs back

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kina bingwa are breeding night and day… son the queen will be subject to sharia… the ottomans win a millenia later :green_emoji: :green_emoji:


Waweru akue deported for being gay

Nationalism is creeping back. EU will be dissolved. There is no unelected people will be imposing policy to other countries.
Once NATO collapses Europe will go back to its war nature. Germany is a sleeping giant. Once USA leaves Germany. Lazima wajeru walipishe.


Hata huku lazima eac iporomoke with jabass utter and total failure


Nationalism gives birth to fascism. Where one group of people think they are superior than the other one. Noma

Generally, ktalk nyeuthiz with such insights into major global geo-political shifts need to end their insightful post with some additional comments/predictions on how all this will impact .ke and Africa.


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Africa ni lapdogs. Sisi tumeshikwa between two great powers fighting for survival. At the end nyeuthi tutaumia juu Sisi ni nyasi.
The best outcome for Africa is being neutral. Wazungu wamalizane.



A few months ago , I predicted this …
The anti-Islamist and anti-Immigrant backlash has begun in the whole of Europe…

Their days are numbered…:rofl::joy::rofl:

Africa sio lapdogs, ni powerlessness.
Kuliskikana kukisemekana ati neutrality is NOT an option almost ALL African have.

Zile za = “your either with us or against us”
Sisi hapa tuko hadi NATO mguu moja ndani (non-NATO ALLY)

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How comes Tanzania hawana shida kama za Kenya. Sisi we suffer from inferiority complex and esteem issues. That’s why we try to please ankol Sam. We are boneless swine.


Na hapa DPP izi ndio zake

Its not our fault, in the 1950’s when the western imperialist colonialists decided to orchestrate the wave of 1960’s African countries “independence”, they selected Kenya as a strategic regional center for neo-colonization.

Infact Kenya is developmentally ahead of other African countries specifically because of this, its not that .ke nyeuthi are any better then other nyeuthi

TZ suffered greatly in terms of development because of going east at “independence”


I never knew it. Thanks for the insight.

Manchester city fraudulently won the league via arab money , Arsenal will get its two titles back after the 115 cases guilty verdict . @Lord_Wanaruona @Electronics4u


Germans wamekuwa simps sana. Watupee friendly match moja sana bora waichezee Europe.

Wakimaliza, nyeuthis tuingie huko and repopulate with our superior durable seed.

Uwanjani mlishindwa kubeba sasa mnataka mpewe vikombe through back door via judiciary.


Not just 1950s,the British knew how great Egypt was a civilization. In their calculations, the Suez canal was a great investment and a statement of power, but what was the source of the Nile?

Uganda was the source(specifically eastern Uganda, present day western Kenya from naivasha)so the British thought that area should be part of their colony. It was strategic and a source of pride.

When IDI Amin threatened to invade, the west armed Kenya. It went as far as having their air force do a flyby on one of our national holidays to scare IDI Amin. Since the planes fly high up, no one would notice it’s not Kenya air force.

Up north Ethiopia was an ancient nation, powerful enough to face colonizers. But the emperor of Ethiopia claimed the boundaries of Ethiopia encompass the samburu sea(lake turkana) and go in a south easterly direction UpTo the indian ocean. He claimed those lands belong to Ethiopian tribes and communities he raided for slaves. (That means present day turkana, samburu, isiolo, mandera, garissa, wajir, lamu and tana river plus jubaland in somalia).The British fearing Italian expansion and safety of the white highlands made deals and the border was settled. Later formalized by jomo Kenyatta and haile Selassie.

Now the most interesting part is Kenya somalia border and that being the reason we side with the west . Colonial authorities in Nairobi and their experts like anthropologists believed Ethiopian tribes were earliest inhabitants. Somalis were recent migrants moving inwards in search of pasture and water. They also considered the challenges faced in trying to ‘civilize’ somalis. Accordingly, they thought ceding part of that territory to Italy is a better deal. But some British politicians thought the whole area should be ceded. The Americans had their own and interests, they wanted things be as the colonial authorities in Nairobi had decided.

So a meeting was held in Rome Italy, by the designation of US and her allies, they managed to convince Britain and that’s why NFD remained in Kenya. To ensure no loopholes, the jubaland agreement noted that their are very few inhabitants in NFD, but they be allowed to decide which side they want to settle and the border be hardened gradually.

As you can all see, that is how Kenya got entangled in the matters of the West . It is out of fear or the threat our neighbors will take our land and seas. Unlike TZ.


Will their policies on that get here?