We Survived Covid Lockdowns, Hii maandamano ya assmio Haiezi Tutisha!

Ruto si uhuru!!! jakuon used to threaten gatheca with maandamano mpaka anaitwa handshake. That will not happen. Now that he is threatening to paralyze busineses every week, I want to clearly tell him that the country survived Covid lockdowns where busineses were closed for long. So hii yake ni bure kabisa. It is time we deal with this thug once and for all!!!

I agree, let us deal with this thug once and for all. Let us get him out of state house.

Bumper to bumper chief, mechanized infantry

Moi said the same thing.

mnajua mnaongelea the bitch mwenye ameenda kulilia wazungu wasaide yeye:D:D:D meffi nyinyi

The eternal hope of odimmers should be contagious. Numerous defeats, flopped tsunamis and they still believe their tingod is an oracle.

Nikama ushanyonga na mbisha ya WSR

Not exactly the same thing, is it?

The problem comes when the citizen having nothing to loose. Remember almost 40% of Kenyan youths are unemployed. Thats a disaster. You dont want idle people who have nothing to loose involved in a demonstration.

Ruto has a lot to loose. Furthermore he wants to prove to the international media and other nations that he was duly elected president of Kenya. The several demonstrations will be the opposite and thats why he is panicking. The capital owners of Kenya want of a stable Kenya because thats how they make money. In summary, Ruto amefinywa makagary.

Upuzi. jakuon ndio hana lake. Maandamano haiezi tisha serikali. After all tinga anajulikana ni mtu wa fujo. Just wait n see how he will be handled.

Ule Moi mmoja alifinya yeye makagari ama mwingine

You are a class act in idiocy. You are still campaigning after winning the elections instead of working.

This time tutafinya huyo kîhîî Ojinga alie kama mtoto

Finyeni yeye kabisa kama mtasaidika.