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So,where did man come from? Besides the evolution,that we came from monkeys yet we still have monkeys,that doesnt seem to make any damn sense

Bana people should really learn the theory of evolution before posting ignorant nonsense. I blame this on our pathetic education system. We didnt come from monkeys we share a common ancestor with them.

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Rejecting facts wont make it less so but i digress this argument always ends with insults

Common ancestry is the terminology.

Hence my question doofus. Where did man come from? ,you sound as if i created that line,calm your tits son

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Doofus ni wewe shoe shiner:D:Dim very calm mr tom was merely responding to your bunkum since i see such all the time. If you’re asking where man as you know, came from then its actually right here. Current genomic evidence supports that sapiens basically evolved in africa specifically the eastern and southern sides more than 300 millennia ago. If you’re asking where “humanity” as a whole came from then you’d have to stretch it to a million or two years back for you to get the first human like creatures walking this planet. Beyond that you’ll get entirely different organisms roaming the earth. Funny thing is most people dont know there was a time us sapiens walked this earth with other “human beings” in the same time period. Just as there are different variations of species like cats(lions, tigers, leopards etc) so too were there variations of “human beings”.

We really aren’t that special in terms of our existence. A solid truth that is hard for many to swallow

evolution theory is straightforward in its assertion that humans are as random creatures as some monkey or gorilla species. there is no hierarchy of species and there are no special species. all that matters is the environment.
even so, the theory of human evolution has huge gaps and many unanswered questions. for example, there is no genetic linkage to any of the discovered ancient species. many fossils assumed to be those of human ancestors are simply accorded that position since they are the only ones found that are close to human anatomy-otherwise the claim of anyone having found a human ancestor that lived millions of years ago is simply an assumption. Theory of evolution is however a better starting point than any creationist tale.

Faith is pervasive. It is everywhere. One needs faith to believe in evolution. You didn’t witness it happen, didn’t measure it, you rely on experts to provide you proof - which you accept. From religion to evolution. Its just a matter of choosing the flavour of your poison. Faith - every single human being has one!

Or you can stop worrying about all of this and live life

@Genos ,come here and see how to answer a question that doesnt have a solid answer to,sio hio yako regurgitated by every text book like its the bible and whatever doesnt make sense you take it as it is. You are right ,humans are not that special,we just just had a 1up with the opposable thumb,invented the wheel and flew with the idea.

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