On this day 19 years ago there was an attack at the Kenyan Embassy of the Unites States of America.

I still remember the thundering blast… the hundreds of Matatus and vehicles of all sorts speeding crazily on both sides of Lusaka Road; all heading in one direction - away from the city center. Most of them had no single dirisha. The trauma on the faces of the occupants. A Makanga was crying in fear and confusion whilst standing at the Matatu’s entrance… The photos of the AP Officer who refused to let go of his firearm despite being seriously injured…the bloodied Joseph Kamotho and Prudence Bushnell…the blown-out burning shell of the blue KBS…the collapsed building… people struggling with bare hands to rescue those trapped under the rubble…confusion…chaos and torrents of bitter tears on the days that followed.

I know 2 people who died in that attack on this day 19 years ago. The lives of those whom they left behind have never been the same. Nairobi has never been the same. Nowadays I hear pimply pubescent students tell each other “tutapatana Bomb-blast”…a name… a place which was prior to 7th August, 1998 was just another tree in the concrete jungle. They do not have any idea…

As we strive to outdo our political rivals and their supporters, we must never forget that there are people who do not distinguish us by our ethnic background or the political candidate we support.

In the end, they just want us all dead.


very good

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hiyo siku kina mzee mzima na mischief walikua bado na diapers

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I worked in Nhc house, right behind The Co-op bank Bell bottom. Forever grateful to my God, I was away running some errands for my boss when then shiet hit the fan. I arrived 20min later to a horror that will stay with me till six feet under


“In the end, they just want us all dead.”



What was the fate of your boss and your co workers?

Most were injured but they all walked away.
One of the scareriest things I ever witnessed was when we were rescuing people hapo Ufundi cooperative. One college gal, plump yellow yellow, was under a concrete column, wailing but lucid enough to plead with us to rescue her. So we are pulling and tugging and lifting, and praying, and following a million instructions from a hundred commanders. Me and ten others were pulling on her leg. Suddenly, the leg came off, shiet, it came off from the upper thigh. It had been amputated by the concrete bime. Imagine holding someones leg and she was still talking to us. A chicks yellow yellow leg in your hands.

Do a memoir. Dont die with your secrets like some individuals who defined Kenya both positively and negatively. The likes of Kanyotu and Biwott.

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Gosh, story zako nusu nusu mkubwa. Did she survive? Did she die? What happened? I am dying to know. We are dying to know.


Damn, that’s scary and terrifying.

kuna ile hekaya mtu alipeana Ktalk on how he was sent for some errand, kurudi akapata the incident had occurred na his muhindi boss somehow had managed to escape unscathed with the CASH safe. It was one sad hekaya but funny as hell too

Hirrarry Cleanton and her CIA Washington Establishment are to blame for this

There was a mama who worked for TSC. That morning, her toddler cried continuously before she left the house. She took a little time to comfot her toddler and arrived only a few seconds to the disaster. That taught me NEVER EVER to ask God why out of the blues there are delays in my routine.


I remember it. It was penned by @mabenda4 . someone tag that descendant of the patriarch. It was in Klost

on klost** typo

It was a dark friday for sure. I happened to be at KNH visiting a sick relative and suddenly there was too much running up down and am left wondering karí kii … i overheard a nurse tell her colleague ati “KICC imeanguka na watu ‘wote’ wamekufa!!” Sad for sure

Fuck scary shiet

Mimi nilikuwa juja road heading to town…mara mathree ikachapa emergency…dere akabonga na dere wa nissan ikitoka tao…makanga akatushow town ni war zone…eti ma kunanyesha magrenadi…mbio mbio turnaround kufika home ile moshi ilikuwa direction ya tao ilikuwa mob…luckily watu wa news walikuwa washa anza kutangaza…ndio nikajua ni bomb blast…sio burst